Which to choose the sink in the bathroom


Choosing a sink in the bathroom
Normal shell

Sink without pedestal can be mounted as a cantilever,that is, by means of special brackets on which it is hung, or the type of "tulip", when the base shell is a special leg on which it is installed.


Dimensions shells
small - length - 40-50 cm, depth - 12-35 cm
medium - length - 55-75 cm, depth - 35-48 cm
large - length -75-125 cm, depth - 48-61 cm
Small shells are very compact, but therethe likelihood that any splashes during use will end up on polu.Esli space in the bathroom is more than enough, you can install a large or even a double sink. However, in the latter case, it could use that two people simultaneously, the distance between the center points must be at least ninety centimeters.


Of great importance is the fact at what altitudemounted sink. For tall men it should be higher, and for women and children - lower. Side steps or pedestals limits the ability to adjust that height, but the brackets allow to fix the sink at the optimum for all family members altitude.

To sink to prevent water accumulation, it must be installed at a slight angle. However, this angle should be minimal, otherwise all that stands in the shell will fall with it.

Sink with pedestal

Sink with pedestal can be built whenit is installed in a special recess in the cabinet itself, or shell may be formed as a bowl, which is simply mounted on top of the countertop pedestal.


Adjust the height of a shell arrangementIt will not work, since it is determined by the height pedestals. However, in terms of functionality, this option is very convenient because everything you need will be kept on hand.


Availability cabinets under the sink is critical for tiny bathrooms, where every square centimeter counts.

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