Choosing a sink for the bathroom: installation methods, materials, shapes

To select a sink for the bathroom, you need to get acquainted with its classification. There are sinks on way of installation, form, materials, dimensions and other parameters.

The classification of the shells on the installation type

There are four main options:


It is the most common type. To attach the wall bracket, which is fixed the sink bowl. Drawers can be installed under a bowl. The shell can also be fastened via brackets.

Hanging sink

Hanging sink

This type of shell help to organizeAdditional space to store your necessary things, securely hide the wiring. Sink Bowl cuts in countertop cabinets, desk or console. And the plunge methods can be two - the edge of the cup placed flush with the countertop or with borders, when the cup protruding slightly.

Insertion of a number of advantages compared to other mounting options bowl sink:

  • the possibility of unusual interior solutions, custom design;
  • easiest way to install and mount, and the cabinet for installation, you can both buy and make their own hands;
  • Organization of additional storage capacity, a more rational use of space;
  • price mortise models lower than similar overhead.

Built-in sink

Pedestal ( "Tulip")

Installation is made on the "foot", which hides eyeliner. Sheer "leg" may be half open - on the side facing the wall, in which case it is siphon cover.

Pedestal (

Pedestal (

Recently popular bowl-shells, which can have a different shape from a sphere to a cube. They are mounted on a countertop.


Classification of the material sinks

The choice of material for the bathroom sink is very wide. It's not just the usual porcelain and earthenware, but also rare, original options like wood or glass. Of course, the quality of materials directly affects the performance properties of the shell, so consider them in detail.

Pottery, porcelain, ceramics

The most common materials for the production ofshells. They are low cost, long life, easy to care for, eco-friendliness. Quite a significant disadvantage earthenware - porosity, so the production of the shells they are glazed, so that the pores do not become clogged with dirt, which is almost impossible to wash off. This shortage is deprived of shells of porcelain, but they have higher price. And porcelain and faience, and ceramic sinks are heavy and thus quite fragile, which requires reinforced attachment and careful handling.

White sink in bathroom interior

Fake diamond

On the qualities of artificial sinkstone surpasses analogues of natural material. Natural stone is quite brittle and very hard to the same products made of it have to do manually, which makes them expensive.

Artificial stone consists of a polymer andfilling its natural material. The addition of pigments allows to obtain almost any color. Production shells being injection-molding process and that reduces the cost of the final product. These shells are much lighter than natural stone, much stronger, easier to care for them, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and the action of aggressive chemicals.

The advantages of artificial stone sinks:

  • The price is considerably lower than the natural counterparts, while they are almost indistinguishable in appearance.
  • Shell surface perfectly smooth, which is very difficult to achieve when using natural stone.
  • Low porosity helps the sink for a long timestay clean and convenient way to look after her. The porosity of natural stone is much higher, which means that it will sink from wash thoroughly every day.
  • Artificial stone - hygienic material without retaining moisture.
  • If the shell is formed cleavage, it can be masked by special means.
  • His performance and appearance of the sink made of artificial stone did not lose for a long time, for several decades.

Sink stone


Of all types of sinks for the bathroom, this - the mostunusual and even causing some concern. Glass - fragile material, which, breaking, forms sharp shards, so at first glance it seems to be quite unsuitable for use in the bathroom.

But in fact, for the manufacture of glassshells used specially tempered glass thicker (at least 15 mm). Furthermore, in the production of such glass additive added thereto, which increase the mechanical strength. This sink is not afraid to accidental bumps and can serve for many years. Models of glass, usually mounted on the countertop, and not attached to the wall.

The main advantages of glass shells:

  • Resistance to mechanical stress is not lower than that of standard models of faience, and the appearance is much more attractive.
  • Not afraid to temperature changes.
  • Due to the transparency not clutter up the space of the bathroom, as it were "dissolved" in it.
  • Wash even significant volume seems much smaller than their actual sizes due to the properties of glass.
  • Appearance does not change under the influence of aggressive chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • Safe to use, as the outer edges of the shells are ground, and if the shell is still broken, then formed small scale, non-sharp pieces.
  • Glass sinks are lightweight, which facilitates their installation.

It has glass and disadvantages. Glass - Material grade, will always have to sink to wash and clean. In addition, the cleaners have to choose very carefully: the presence in them of the abrasive can damage the outer shell look.

glass sink interior bathroom

glass sink for bathroom


Another unusual material for bathroom sinks- tree. It looks wooden shell is really very unusual, and is able to turn an ordinary bathroom into a masterpiece of design art.

Wood sinks are particularly suitable foreco-style, as well as some other interior areas. The performance of its dignity is not lower than that of porcelain: wood treated in a special way so that it does not absorb water and dirt. However, there have wooden bowls significant drawback: they are very expensive.

Wooden sink for the bathroom


The kitchen has long been the metal shellaccustomed, in bathrooms it is exotic. They are placed rare metal shell suited mainly to modern styles, such as high-tech or minimalism. If metal is used as a copper sink, you can use when you make a bathroom in the loft-style, country music, as well as some others, but it is much more expensive option than stainless steel.

Care of the metal shell is simple, the main thing - it does not scratch, do not use abrasives or scouring pads made of wire, and be sure to wipe off after use, otherwise stains remain.

steel sink for the bathroom


It is very beautiful and durable material,which requires careful treatment. Marble sink looks luxurious, and is suitable for classical interiors, and buildings in the Rococo style, the Baroque. The main drawback of the two: in the pores of the marble quickly accumulates dirt and against aggressive detergents it will spoil. Furthermore, it is an expensive option.

marble sink for bathroom

Classification of shells in shape

When choosing a sink for the bathroom importanceIt has its shape. Apart from the traditional rectangular bowls with rounded corners, a host of different options that satisfy every taste. Sinks are:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • angle;
  • double;
  • asymmetric.

Whatever form did not have a sink, its edges astypically rounded for safety during use and for ease of maintenance. The classic rectangular sink - the most affordable and popular option. It would be appropriate and in large and small bathroom. Very small rooms is better to equip the corner sinks.

sink in bathroom interior

Sink with Cabinet

The shell is mounted on the upper part of the stone, andattached to a wall using the mounting holes. If they are absent, it is necessary to implement the fixing of the shell to the wall with the assembly adhesive based on silicone. Stand can be suspended or stand directly on the floor.

Plus installation on pedestal sinks: in small spaces allows to equip storage without taking up additional space; internal filling cabinets can be done in different ways, it can be as shelves and drawers or baskets.

suspended washbasin with pedestal

Corner sinks

Of all types of sinks for the bathroom should payparticular attention to the angular variations. They can be of two different types: Suspended or mortise. Typically, the angular sinks are small, moreover, they are installed in a location that is usually left unused, or which is difficult to use other means.

  • Corner sink makes it possible to save space of the bathroom, which, as we know, does not happen much.
  • In addition to the real economy of space, corner sink gives visual and expansion of the premises, as it takes up much less space than a standard option.
  • Corner sink can be placed in any room style, you only need to choose the right material of both the sink and mixer for her and curbstones in case if it is provided.
  • Material sinks for the bathroom in the form of angle can be anything, but is most often used pottery and porcelain.

Corner sinks are distinguished by pedestal type:

  • open (the pipe is necessary to mask optional)
  • "Tulip" (the most popular form of triangular shells, pipes hide in the "leg" under the sink)
  • Bowl (shell mounted on a stand).

corner washbasin

Tips for Choosing a sink for the bathroom

  1. The sink should be combined in style with the rest of the objects in the bathroom, including plumbing.
  2. You must have overflow outlet, otherwise the possible unpleasant consequences in the operation, in particular, the flooding;
  3. Mixer hole on the sink should be placed in a convenient location. It did not provide the mixer attachment to the sink and the wall.
  4. If the bathroom has a large size, the choice of sinks for the bathroom pay attention to the "dual" model.
  5. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the design painted parts: they should not be sagging, divorce.
  6. Quality fittings - an indicator of quality of all products. The higher it is, the longer it takes, as a rule, serve you a thing without changing the appearance.

With all the variety of shells of models, materialsand forms, the most popular faience, as the ratio of price and quality they have no equal. In second place - artificial and natural stone, for them are the composite shell, glass, metal.

Built molded sink in the bathroom

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