Interior of vintage bathroom

The vintage bathroom on white laconicbackground adjoin each other items of the Victorian era, Soviet-era, French art deco and post-modern lighting, and this neighborhood looks very harmonious.

Bath in a retro style - part of a huge apartment,situated on two levels in a house built in the early twentieth century. The house itself is locat in the historic part of Moscow, and the bathroom design was to match the environment of the house and the era it was built.

Vintage bathroom

The plan of the interior of vintage bathroom originatedas a result of the need to demonstrate a beautiful collector's items of different times, different eras, even belonging to different styles, and thus bind them together by organizing a harmonious space. Therefore, the walls and the bathroom floor covered with monotonous white tiles - ideal background that can unite disparate elements of interior.

Bath in a retro style

The central subject of the bathroom in retro style -The property itself bath bowl mounted on the "legs". Its like a classic English toilet, brought directly from England. In the bath painted streaks, created an interesting texture. Feet bath "wear out" and covered with a patina. The result is a product, "antique", reminiscent of the style of the Victorian era.

Vintage bathroom

Mirror over the sink - a real "jewel" in thecollections of vintage bathroom. They are made in France in 1930 and acquired in Paris, in the famous art gallery. In order not to distract attention from them, shell have the usual form.

Vintage bathroom

Bath in a retro style

As a result of the efforts of designer bathroom in retrostyle was extremely successful. Every thing looks stylish, and do not argue with the adjacent, different eras and styles co-exist peacefully with each other, and unites all in a harmonious space white tile.

chandelier in the bathroom

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