bathroom interior in black and white, 5 square. m.

Interior bathroom 5 sq. m. built on a combination of two contrasting colors - white and black. This variation of the classic that will always be relevant. Particularly suitable such a color scheme for small spaces, allowing them to visually expand, and make elegant even with limited opportunities.

bathroom in black and white, 5 square. m.

The Mio studio developed a minimalist designbathroom in black and white, winning contrasting combinations of these colors - antagonists. However, these interiors are simply doomed to success. They are quite simply decorated, the main condition - the exact choice of complementary colors.

The most important rule for the creation of suchInterior - compliance with the laws of harmony. Decisions on the design should be based on the size of the room and the main items in it, also plays an important role proper zoning premises.

black-and-white interior bathroom 5 sq. m.

The interior of the bathroom 5 sq. m. all the conditions are met. Plumbing ordered in one company, thus ensuring stylistic unity. To choose the floor tiles of ceramics known manufacturer Kerama Marazzi. Due to the fact that the height of the room is small, only 2.5 meters from the chandeliers and suspensions had to be abandoned, basic lighting fixtures provide built-in Italian.

Bathroom in black and white - a successful embodimentminimalist style. Strict lines, harmonious proportions of the furniture - only the most necessary. There is nothing complicated, pretentious, all the elements are simple and "light" visually. It was possible to avoid and excessive decoration.

Bathroom in black and white, 5 square. m.

bathroom interior in black and white, 5 square. M-1

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