Interior small bathroom 4 sq. m.

The interior of the bathroom 4 sq. m. - a remarkable example of how a small area can fit all of the necessary plumbing, and even the installation designer.

The main material used in the decoration -gray stone from which built an interesting structure that begins under the sink, and ending at the ceiling. In the upper part built in lights, lower forms a shelf for storing necessary things. The middle part - podstole sink, under which there is a shelf for storing towels and below - brackets, which you can hang wet laundry.

The interior of a small bathroom inappropriate roomlarger forms, so the sink is not the usual lockers - instead they consolidated on a large mirror glass shelves. The same shelf, there are over bath bowl - it is possible to hold cosmetics, shampoos, balms.

interior of a small bathroom 4 sq. m.

Paul and one of the walls stoned tile,imitating wood. The same tile and partially used in the decoration of another wall. This "overflow" finishes off the wall on the floor and on another wall visually increase the room and separates the toilet from the bathroom.

"Wood" finish gives comfort, softens the interior, and creates a feeling of warmth. Strengthens the feeling the warmth emanating from the "warm floor".

The interior of the bathroom 4 sq. M. Use of chrome-plated metal parts - faucets, shower, heated towel rail. Shower and mixer are spaced on opposite sides of the bowl bathroom - so wanted to apartment owners.

bathroom interior Q4. m.

Because more than the modest size of the roomStandard bath is not suitable for him - in this case, is not the space for additional storage locations. Therefore, we choose a bath of acrylic in the form of waves.

Countertops made of stone looks very harmonious inthe interior of a small bathroom, and the shelf below it, in spite of the low height, allows you to store towels - or twisting them in rolls or folded rows. Lower stone shelf at half the width of tabletop - a suitable place for storage baskets of dirty laundry.

sink in the interior of a small bathroom 4 sq. m.

To visually expand the room usedwhite tile large area to reduce the number of tile seams. Glossy inclusions in the tiles shine and slightly increase the volume of the bathroom. At the same time, they are working softer than completely glossy finish, reminiscent of smooth ice.

Above the toilet is a niche that playsthe interior of the bathroom 4 sq. M. A special role: it is the installation design, to create a used dry twigs, painted white, and the "grass" made of artificial materials. The background for the composition is imitating wood tile, which gives it a special atmosphere. Greenish light makes installation even more spectacular.

The interior of a small bathroom accessoriesThey play a very important role. There are no trifles, should pay attention to even the color of the towels. White or green juicy - the best solution. Angular sink and toilet are in the same collection. their minimalist design that emphasizes the overall low-key style bathroom, not devoid of a certain luxury.

toilet in the interior of a small bathroom 4 sq. m.

Rusu Design

Country Russia

Area: 4 m2

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