Quaryl bath

Baths from Kwara

Baths from Kwara not so long ago appeared on the market,but, thanks to its exceptional properties, with every day are becoming increasingly popular. Kwara - an artificial material. In its basis - acrylic, synthetic polymer, has many advantages, such as ease, low cost, wide range of colors.

By adding silica to the acrylic engineers managedboost its strength. The new material of quartz particles enclosed in a shell made of plastic, are interconnected acrylic mass. The resulting Quaryl baths have all the advantages of acrylic, but none of the drawbacks.

Quaryl bath


  • Baths from Kwara for the same amount of more capacious than acrylic baths.
  • Due to the enhanced strength they do not need extra strength to the rigidity of the rack, eliminating the need for reinforcement. This is especially true for baths with large bowls.
  • Quaryl baths touch - warm, and well-kept warm.
  • Direct forms that are rarely used in acrylic due to the high plasticity of the material, good work out in kvarile.
  • Unlike acrylic, Kwara quite difficult to scratch or break, it does not yellow over time, corrosion does not act on it.

bath of Kwara


  • For the dignity of having to pay, and in the case ofbath of Kwara is, first and foremost, a considerable weight. Bath of the same size from the KVAR will be much heavier than acrylic or even steel, but, of course, is much easier to iron.
  • Another significant drawback - price. As a rule, Quaryl bath twice as expensive acrylic counterparts.

Quaryl bath


  • To maintain a clean, wash a bath twice a week soft means.
  • Abrasives should not use: in practice, despite the fact that the producers promise scratch resistance, the use of such funds may eventually destroy the surface of the bath.
  • Keep Quaryl bath from bumps and downs in her various subjects: it can lead to cracking and chipping.

Quaryl bath

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