Lighting in the bathroom on the interior style


The choice of lighting in the bathroom on the interior style

Having defined the technical characteristics,you can go to the selection of bras in appearance. They should match the style of bathroom design. If you like the lights in a classic Italian style, then place them in the bath complex is necessary.


All fixtures must be made in a singlestyle. In the center of the room hung a large ceiling fixture, a match which is already selected and sconces. Additionally, you can use multiple point sources of light, decorated with the appropriate ornament.


If the bathroom is big enough, it haswindow, refresh the room will help to fresh flowers and sconces in the style of floristry. The most interesting variant - the bathroom decoration in marine style. Sconce in this case may be in the form of shells, candlesticks, and other wheel. It all depends on what kind of design for the room selected: sandy beach, a pirate ship, underwater world. There are many options - it is high-tech, and country, and Provence, and oriental motifs. In terms of exterior design lamps can be anything you like.


The choice of lighting and location

Selecting a specific model and its location can bedescribe in detail. For some models, placed on brackets, separated by a wall and the ceiling with exposed parts, better positioning on the ceiling or above the mirror. Depending on the degree of protection to choose the optimal distance from the tub or shower stall. For wall lights with flat canopy that spreads the light directly in front of him, this is the best option for location on either side of the mirror. So that they are most effectively covered the man's face.
Bra, in which the main flow of light is directedup or down, it is better suited for backlighting, for example during the night. They give a weak diffused light, ideal for such tasks. Positioning them better between the inlet and sink, toilet. On the other side of the bath room. The inclusion of any sconces to better organize separately from the main lighting. While for background lighting fixtures located in the room is easier to put the switch next to the main. It is also practical to purchase lamps with integrated vyklyuchetelem.


For lamps, installed near the mirror, the switch is easier to put in the same place, for example, it is mounted to the lower plane of one of the shelves under the mirror.

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