The interior of a small bathroom

The interior of a small bathroom. The interior of the bathroom in a small apartment. How to equip a very small bathroom (photo)

Even if the size of your bathroom differhis modesty, you can always make up for that little tricks in the design of its interior. Three basic techniques to deal with cramped space - it is the skillful use of light, color and shapes.


A variety of original contemporary projectsDesigners are an example of how well and cleverly, you can design the interior of a small bathroom. Fortunately, he's sanitary products are marketed in a variety of colors, materials and shapes that gives huge scope for your imagination: so even buy toilet in Dnepropetrovsk can be compact and ergonomic shape.


Best of all, if the intended layoutfuture interior bathroom will be applied to the paper, taking into account all dimensions. Besides plumbing, plan for future bathroom should include the location of all necessary communications. Thus, you will be able to clearly assess its ergonomics.


Making interior of a small bathroom, it is importantabandon all cumbersome and, moreover, unnecessary. For example, most owners prefer to install a small bathroom showers instead of the traditional baths. It is, indeed, can save the lion's share of space. Even more economical option - a corner shower cubicle.


Furniture for a room should be as functional, with smooth surfaces frontline. It is better to purchase cabinets and chests of drawers with recessed handles and rounded corners.


A little advice: small bathroom door should not be opened inside - it robs precious space or deliver a lot of inconvenience. It is much easier to change the mechanism of the door than to select a non-standard furniture in mind such circumstances. If the neighboring premises also is large, it is possible to install a sliding door.



Recall also that any small roomit is recommended to register in bright colors. If you do not like the traditional light blue hue, you can consider options for using the cream, pale olive, pale turquoise or lavender palette. By the way, you can pick up acrylic bathroom fixtures to match the walls and the floor, which makes the overall design more holistic composition.


Any glossy and reflective surfaceswill visually increase the room dimensions. Moreover, they will make the interior of a small bathroom more light, which favorably affects the psycho-emotional state of any person.



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