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Which style to choose the bathroom

Classic style

Classic style in the interior - Topsophistication and elegance. A special feature of the classical style is that it does not go out of fashion over the years. Even after twenty years, your bathroom will look even if not trendy and mod, but true (except plumbing is better to change to a new one).


For the interior of the bathroom in a classic styleappropriate to give preference to natural pastel shades - beige, sand, olive, gray, blue. Tile for the bathroom in this style should be bright enough, but the furniture, you can choose darker.

Style - Fusion interior

The combination of incompatible - this is thekey leitmotif style fusion. As part of this style just need to use a variety of textures, textured materials, saturated color palettes. This style is likely to appeal to a free, creative, expressive personalities.


In the online store you can pick up the most vivid, unusual, stylish building materials for decorating your bathroom.

Style - Country

This style originated in Western Europe at the beginning of the last century, when mass migrants from rural areas and villages settled in urban dwellings as close to their native homes.


Gradually this style came into fashion and today is one of the most popular (especially in the manufacture of kitchen furniture). Country Style involves only natural materials:

A rock
wrought iron

To create an interior in country style in the bathroom purchase stylized beginning of the last century plumbing brass.

Ethnic style

Ethnic style echoes in many respects from thecountry style, but its distinguishing feature - a stylized certain national home inherent in this or that nation. The basis can be chosen, Japanese, Arabic, cowboy, Indian or other motives.
Stylized ethnic furniture for the bathroom to find it is not always easy, so it is best to do the ethnic closet for a bathroom or a container for a bath on the individual sizes on request.


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