Interior design beautiful bathroom 8 square meters. m.

To create a beautiful bathroom interior,designers had to give up the most common finishing materials - tiles. Many believe that it is too strict and cold material, most relevant for the finishing of sanitary facilities in different institutions. In this project, it was decided to decorate the bathroom with natural materials.

Bathroom Design 8 square meters. m.

The design of the bathroom 8 square meters. m. They used wood and granite: they create a sense of purity, heat, and add notes in the interior eco-style. One of the walls is decorated with teak veneer - wood, which is absolutely not afraid of water, and from which for centuries made the ship's deck.

It is very durable, water-resistant and very beautifulmaterial. The wall opposite the covered granite "marbled". Two walls are finished with white plaster, except for a small area inside the glass-enclosed shower - there is a snow-white wall is decorated with mosaics.

Beautiful bathroom interior

Beautiful bathroom interior complemented the "wood"floors - in fact they are lined with granite, which has a pattern under a tree and mimics the color bleached oak. This element enhances the feeling of warmth and emphasizes the closeness to nature.

To boiler and the washing machine did not come acrosseyes, they were removed in a specially built cabinet. White gloss of its facades resonates with the brilliance of glass panels enclosing the shower, and visually expands a space. The "wooden" wall equipped with several niches and shelves for storing different things.

Bathroom Design 8 square meters. m.

Light design of the bathroom 8 square meters. m. involves the use of different lamps for different tasks.

  • Total light ceiling panel gives natural light, supplemented by rotating spotlights.
  • Area for washing is illuminated by three separate devices directional light.
  • bathroom area is illuminated by suspensions in the form of glass beads on long filaments. They give a soft warm light.

beautiful interior of a bathroom

To create a beautiful interior of a bathroom, it is necessary that it found its place the elements that create a feeling of cleanliness and coolness, and at the same time - the ones that will give the room comfort and warmth.

This difficult task designers decided by combiningin one room white plane and rich color and texture of teak. The resulting style can be called "organic." In accordance with it, and picked up plumbing - it has a rounded "natural" form. Wash is made by the order of artificial stone.

Bathroom Design 8 square meters. m.

The design of the bathroom 8 square meters. m. They sought to get away from unnecessary detail, and use the minimum number of decorative elements. On the wall - a small area, the mosaic. On the windows - airy white curtains, decaying soft folds and introducing into the interior of romantic notes. Underneath hides the curtain descends, making opaque window for outside views.

Bathroom Design 8 square meters. m.

layout of the bathroom 8 square meters. m.

Studio "1 + 1" Year: 2014

Country: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

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