Which to choose the furniture in bathroom

furniture-in-the-bathroom-1 Recommendations regarding the selection of bathroom furniture

Bathroom - the most intimate room in the wholeapartment, because even in the bedroom, you certainly are with their loved ones, but all the bathrooms procedures adopted to produce alone. That is why a bathroom should be comfortable that the process of self-care brought joy, not irritation and difficulty.

Despite the requirement that you personally bring to the furniture in the bathroom, you can select the required minimum that must be present:

Furniture in the bathroom should be designed for the aggressive influence of wet environment and be moisture-resistant.
bath furniture should be functional, to even the most tiny and tiny bathroom is compact and is available to store all the necessary things.
Bathroom Furniture should be easy to clean and easily cleaned, otherwise it will multiply on the surface of the mold is not only spoil the appearance of the furniture, but also harm your health.
bath furniture should be stylish and beautiful,to delight you and your loved ones. Being among the ugly interior is not recommended, as this depends on your mood and psychological health.

From tree

Bathroom furniture made of wood - the traditionalAlternatively, since time immemorial home furnishings are made entirely of this material. Wood furniture will give your bathroom the charm of genuineness, naturalness, harmony. Furniture made of wood can be painted, but modern interior designers prefer the natural appearance of wood.


The most commonly used light wood:
But you can choose a darker wood(Cherry, walnut) and make furniture zakaz.Mebel bathroom of wood have to be specially treated and impregnated with moisture repellent compositions. Otherwise, it will become worthless in a few years.

Of metal

Furniture made of metal is perfect for creatingInterior bathroom in style hi-tech or minimalism. And if you use a stylish wrought iron shelves, you get a great ensemble of furniture in the style of Provence, or country.


In any case, metal furniture is strong enough, and modern metalworking processes allow it to last for a long time.

Note that a metal casing ratherpainful bump, so try to choose metal furniture streamlined forms and position it so that the probability of collision and the impact has been minimal.

From glass

Glass bathroom furniture - incrediblestylish. Similar to the frozen water surface, it is as if the continuation of water streams, which are specially stiffened for your comfort and relaxation. Glass furniture makes the whole bathroom seemed weightless, and glares, distributed over its surface, and a bizarre play of light each time allows to perceive it in a different way, especially. In addition, this furniture will be perfectly combined with a shower, creating a harmonious ensemble.
At first glance it may seem that the glassfurniture is fragile and insecure, but modern manufacturers (eg, IKEA) is used to create its ultra tempered glass, which is almost impossible to break.
The only significant disadvantage of glassFurniture is a need for special care for her. Since the water on glass surfaces is a lot of lime, water is better to wipe with a dry cloth regularly. And to the glass and had more brilliant in every sense of the form, during the harvest, use special products for glass care.

From plastic

Plastic furniture - very handy in terms ofcleaning. This furniture does not deteriorate from exposure to water for a long time and maintains its appearance. In addition, compared with other materials of furniture, it is sufficient reasonable price.


However, if you need to make additional holes in the cabinet with a sink pipe with plastic this will make it more difficult than, for example, with wooden furniture.

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