Golden color in the interior of the bathroom with a window

If you arrange the bathroom in gold color, it canturn from a purely utilitarian space into a place where you can be happy in the comfort to spend time and relax. Plain tile for finishing the interior a luxurious style does not fit, so in this case chosen decorative plaster - it looks much more spectacular.

Style selected designers - art deco bathroomIt is rarely used because it requires a large space and custom finishes are not always withstand a moist atmosphere. In this case, the dimensions allow us to apply a refined plaster that immediately changes the perception of the bathroom becomes more like a boudoir than sanitary room.

To nothing to spoil the bathroom situation in gold color, no storage, lockers and shelves are not provided. There are only a cupboard under the sink, which can be all you need to clean.

Art Deco bathroom gold color room

Light and color

In the creation of the style of Art Deco in the bathroom an important roleplay lights. They are stylized candle chandeliers, and have a golden color. In such circumstances, the usual fixtures, the spots near the mirrors, which give a bright light, look out of place. This problem was solved by embedding in the wall on each side of the niche, the surrounding shell spotlights. A large window fills the room a soft diffused light.

Bathroom in gold color looks particularly impressivecombined with white. White and gold - a classic win-win situation to create luxurious interiors, and the combination works well for granite-gray background floor.


Glossy furniture echoes gloss stretch ceilingand plumbing. Two large mirrors bizarre add their contribution to the game of reflections. The main object of art in this room - actually bath unusual shape resembling a porcelain bowl.

Art Deco style in the bathroom gold color


Art Deco style in the bathroom backed textiles: light white curtains without pattern complemented by gold curtains, caught twisted cord. All decor items designed in the same style and color of gold. To enhance the atmosphere of luxury room decorated with molding in stucco.

In general, the art deco - style for strong people,I have achieved a lot in life. In this room tone design asked Leggera bath, and received as a result of a bathroom in a gold color on the design inspired by the owners in a similar style and the whole house.

Art Deco style in the bathroom gold color

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