Features bathroom design in red and white

Design red-white bathroom will wakein the morning, give positive emotions after a hard day's work. Red will invigorate and white will not allow him too much to act on the mind, and prevent over-nervous system.

To bathroom looked harmoniously,you must follow the rules of the use of color in the interior. The combination of red and white is quite demanding, so it is important how you'll use it for finishing the interior.

komnatty design bathroom in red and white

komnatty design bathroom in red and white

komnatty design bathroom in red and white

Variants of using a red-white bathroom

  • Red on a white background. Effectively looks bathroom in red and white, if white is used as the background, and on it are arranged parts red. They emphasize the elements of design, and create a joyful mood. In a bathroom should be well lit, so that the interior was revealed in all its splendor.
  • White on a red background. Design red-white bathroom can be based on red. For example, wall tiles spread red tones, the room looks much more effective if you use tiles of different colors. The combination of light and dark red tones allows to select the individual fragments of walls, create a sense of volume, and even visually correct the shortcomings premises, "raising the" ceiling or "apart" walls. In this case, white color is accentual and is used only in details.
  • Red furniture. The use of red in furniture, combined with snow-white bathroom fixtures gives lightness room emphasizes cleanliness and looks pretty impressive. Bathroom looks advantageous, if the red color is more saturated colors and fairly, for example, it may be the color of cherries. The graceful addition will serve as parts and accessories of silvery hue.
  • Red plumbing. Custom option - use of sanitary ware in red, and it may be not only the toilet, but the sink and tub, and even a shower. In this case, the furniture should be white, the walls - white or neutral tone. Design red and white original bath will look attractive and only if all the elements belong to the same style. Of course, colored plumbing fixtures are expensive, but the result is impressive.
  • Red accessories. In that case, if the primary for the bathroom design is set to white, the interior can be designed with red accents. Shutters shower mats near the bathroom and toilet, towels and bathrobes, cups to toothbrushes - all this can be various shades of red.
  • Red floor. One spectacular way to draw a bathroom in red and white - lay on the floor mosaic in red colors. It can also be used as a floor covering red tile that can go places on the walls.

Using a combination of red and white gives you the opportunity to create a unique, expressive interior, stylish and modern.

komnatty design bathroom in red and white

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