children's bathroom design in white

When creating the design of children's bathroom is very important to provide the opportunity to change it without extra effort, because children grow quickly, and in a few years they have interests and preferences change.

To en always loved their masters,We need the ability to easily change the interior. You can do this by changing the "baby" in the mirror more severe, and replacing posters animalistic content to something more appropriate adolescence.

design children's bathroom

style features

Since the entire apartment is sustained in classicstyle bath room should not enter into dissonance. White color, correct proportions, symmetrical arrangement of basic elements - that is what has allowed the bathroom harmoniously fit into the interior.

Mirror vvide giraffe in children's bathroom design

Color palette

As the basic design in the children's bathroom has a white color. It is not only the color that emphasizes purity, white plane walls expand the space and create a sense of celebration.

As an accent used black color, besides the interior warm beige supplemented in posters and grass-green tone of green plants, making it warm and cozy.

children's bathroom design

Decoration Materials

The walls are tiled, reminiscent of bricks. It gives the interior dynamism and expressiveness.

In order to avoid a sense of isolationspace and "overhang" of the ceiling, it laid out the walls at the level of human growth. Anything higher, covered with waterproof paint. The expressive accent in the design of children's bathroom - floor tiles "checkered."

design children's bathroom

Equipment and decoration

For bathroom equipment using the highest quality materials and plumbing known firms. They represent the classical approach to the interior design: the dignity and safety.

children's bathroom design

As decoration in the children's bathroom designWe use items that can be easily replaced, if necessary, completely changing with the interior of the premises. Paintings on the walls created by the artist on special order.

Mirror carved in the workshop on the design of the designer. Even the hooks on the wall, which is convenient to hang a towel, not simple - they are made in the shape of an elephant's head, continuing the theme begun by the artist in her paintings.

Mirror vvide giraffe in children's bathroom design

hooks vvide elephants in the children's bathroom

Storage areas

Design Baby bath There is a small alcove with built-in shelves, where you can place the most necessary, and put decoration.

The bulk cabinets in this case there is no need, because the apartment has another bathroom, which installed equipment is able to accommodate all that the owners see fit.


Light scheme is standard for such facilitiesand rather ascetic: spotlights on the ceiling provide a common uniform illumination, and two simple lamp near the mirror allows you to see yourself in all its details.

design children's bathroom

children's bathroom design in white -1


Country: Russia, Moscow

Area: 4.5 m2

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