Caring for acrylic bath

How to wash acrylic bathtub

Acrylic bathtubs are made of polymerplastic and compared to traditional cast iron tubs have a number of advantages and require special care. The acrylic bathtub washing and cleaning products which are suitable for smooth cover - let's find out.

How to clean the acrylic bathtub, with different degrees of pollution:
  • Low degree of pollution - will wash ordinary soap or dishwashing detergent, such care of acrylic bath is the gentle and simple.
  • The average degree with streaks of lime - on the entire surface using soap, remove stains with a soft cloth dipped in warm vinegar (wine or table) or lemon juice.
  • A strong degree - darkening, lime and scratches. Blackened areas is rinsed with water and rub with a dry cloth, remove the lime as described above. Scratches can be leveled with fine sandpaper. Rubbing not much need, just a few movements of the place scratches, then polish with a cloth. If the scratch is shallow, first try to rub the cloth for fifteen minutes.
The clean acrylic bath can not be:
  • means a fine abrasive elements;
  • Sanitary agents containing alkali, acid and ammonia;
  • acetone and benzene, are also contraindicated.

Caring for acrylic bath is more effectiveand simple when using special cleaners designed specifically for acrylic finishes. Special-tools are sold in cans with spray, pressurized solution is sprayed onto the contaminated surface, then, do you expect a few minutes and wipe with a dry cloth. How to wash acrylic bath to wash away the remnants of detergent - rinsed with plain water and wipe with a dry cloth.

To finally decide what to cleanacrylic bathtub, it is necessary to assess all options and it is advisable to try on their own. If your bathroom is new and has not operated for a long time, try to ordinary soap. So you save money and time in search of additional chemical agents.

For baths, which are many and are often used,is, of course, choose a special tool immediately. Experts advise when deciding what to wash acrylic bathtub, advise them to use it to extend the life of the coating.

An important addition, caring for acrylic bathnot only requires the use of special tools for washing, but the correct use of the bath. Acrylic coating baths is not intended to soak the laundry and the laundry, detergent corroded surface and spoils its integrity smooth layer, which leads to rapid wear of the bath.

caring for acrylic bath

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