Design a bathroom in orange

Among the flowers, popular in the decoration of the apartments,Orange does not appear. Indeed, painted this active, "solar" color large room, for example, will have a very exciting action.

Another thing - small rooms. For example, the bathroom in orange in the morning able to charge a positive for the whole day. It will help to wake up "sonyam" and asks optimistic most notorious melancholic.

bathroom in orange

Design Orange bathroom can be verystylish, unusual, memorable, and will fully express your personality and show an original approach to solving the problem of registration of the apartment.

Design orange bathroom

bathroom in orange

Typically, design bathroom in orangesolve non-standard color, creative nature. It is the color of youth, activity, energy. It can be used as a base or as an additional in various decorative elements.

bathroom in orange

Design orange bathroom

The design allows the orange bathroomthe different shades of a color combination of his white and allows small inclusions dark tones. Since itself orange - very active, it is not necessary to use more than two or three color combinations. For example, in the bathroom in orange color would be appropriate white ceiling and wooden furniture, accessories in gold or metallic shades.

bathroom in orange

Design orange bathroom

If you are hesitant to use the designOrange bathroom color as the main - make bright orange stripes on a white background, let along a bath of orange pattern, use tiles of sunlight in order to zone a bathroom.

Design orange bathroom

It is possible and entirely renounce tile - decoratewalls easier and less expensive water-resistant panels. In addition, these panels can be painted in any color, which you only wish, and very accurately find the right shade. Very interesting solution - suspended ceiling, you can make "sun" - bright orange.

suspended ceiling in the design of the orange bathroom

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