Design a bathroom in the attic 9 sqm. m.

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Arrange a bathroom in the attic - a non-trivial solution, but really opens up fantastic opportunities for the designer.

Where else in the room will be enough light and air,space, opportunities for relaxation? Typically, such a combination can be found except on the beach, which prompted the idea to transform the bathroom in the attic to the beach.

bathroom in the attic


Sea colors, sky, sea foam and coastalsand blend harmoniously with the wood paneling of the walls, reminiscent of the ship. The walls are decorated with striped mosaic, which changes color from blue mysteries of the deep sea to the golden sand in the foam of the surf.

striped mosaic in the bathroom

striped mosaic in the bathroom

Unique floor, as if built of pebbles, gives feet unusual sensations like walking along the seashore barefoot.

under the floor

under the floor

A huge mirror over the vanity area makes mansard bathroom almost twice as much, though, and so a considerable area allowed to place as many as three basins, bath and shower area.

loft bathroom

two washbasins with a mirror in the wall


As planned by the designers of the original bath had should have a circular shape, but it turned out that the oval is more ergonomic and allows you to leave more room for the soul.

oval bath

Bathroom in the attic is also equipped with a shower - it "watering can" is provided with a suction mechanism.

faucet and shower in the bathroom


Three shells in the same room - not a faddesigner, but a necessity: in addition to the couple, their daughter lives here, very young lady - it still does not reach the normal shell. In addition to convenience, such an object in an environment useful for the education of a child's independence.

Sink in the bathroom

chrome faucet in the bathroom sink

bathroom accessories made of wood

For marine interior bathroom in the attic picked chrome faucets simple form.

Children sink in the bathroom

duck in the kitchen sink


The room itself was divided into two zones: to the left of the entrance is a wash-basins, as well as comprehensive device that combines a toilet, bidet and air purifier.

Its hygienic coating is easy to clean and prevents the development of bacteria. The seat can be heated, and the Tornado Flush system perfectly washes away all that is necessary to wash off.

hanging toilet in the interior of the bathroom

hanging toilet in the interior of the bathroom

Managed by the "Harvester" from the panel. Its very easy to wash - "rim", which are so fond of the bacteria to settle, not here.

Remote toilet

hanging toilet in the interior of the bathroom

In the attic there is a bathroom pipes. That is, they are - but they are not visible for the skin. Hanging above the floor super bowl has as additional equipment only two brilliant flush button.

flush button


The original design of the soul: his podium mounted floor drains, opening in contact with water. Once the contact is terminated, the hole is closed, isolating the room from the smell of plum.

mosaic on the bathroom floor

wash in the bathroom on the floor

In addition to the standard heads, shower nozzle is equipped with a large square "rain shower", the angle of which can be adjusted.


Water flows through the two watering cansThermostat mixer: it is possible to set any temperature (from 15 to 44 degrees), and it will be automatically supported by all the washing time. It is convenient and safe: do not suddenly doused with ice water and do not burn "boiling water".

thermostat in the bathroom

storage systems

The large bathroom in the attic are designed spacious storage system - part under the table, part of a bench.

storage systems in manasrdnoy bathroom

Storage system under the sink in the bathroom

Storage system under the sink in the bathroom


Daylight penetrates into the bathroom through the skylights.

illuminated attic bathroom

In the evenings responsible for lighting fixtures - round glass balls with lights inside, hanging from the ceiling.

illuminated attic bathroom

Bathroom in the attic bears a positive charge, including by the glass balls-suspensions: all eight of them, all different sizes, the diameter of the balls ranges from 20 to 50 cm.

glass balls-hangers in the bathroom

glass balls-hangers in the bathroom

Cords, upholstered - branded a "sign" of the designer Sandra Lindner. In her designs, these lamps has released a German factory.

glass balls-hangers in the bathroom

Above the mirror - a linear luminaire that provides bright shadow-free illumination.

Sink in the bathroom

Under the bench and pedestal placed LED tape.

LED lighting in the bathroom

Shower area is supplemented by water resistant and shock-spot lights. They will not cease to work even if they are dipped in a bath.

lighting spots, in the bathroom

In light mansard bathroom thought everything sink for the child, as well as the bath itself, further highlights the turning lights.

wall lamp in the bathroom

wall lamp in the bathroom

Source: The "Summer answer"
Project: "Rainbow on the beach"

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