Bathroom in beige tones: features, photos

Design a bathroom in beige tones -versatile option that allows you to visually expand a small room, get a winning background for bright accessories, to take advantage of the huge palette of different shades of rich color and get an interior that meets the most exacting taste.

Beige looks great in monochromebathroom when using only shades of varying intensity. It goes well with other colors beige, as close range and contrast. Besides Beige relates to the warm colors, which means that the bathroom will be cozy and seemed to be illuminated by the sun.

Design a bathroom in beige tones

Beige color in the bathroom

Human exposure

Beige color in the bathroom calms,calms, helps to cope with stress. The room sustained in beige shades, enabling you to relax and forget about worries. Mood improves, the pressure equalized, feeling becomes more stable.

Usually, this color is preferred by those who appreciate the family atmosphere, it has a good taste and is not inclined to risky design experiments. It is the color of classic interior.

Design beige bathroom


Beige bathroom design can be performed in one color, but its different shades. Usually, so decorate the interiors in a classic style.

  • Adding white to beige allows you to expand the room and make it more bright and spacious.
  • Combining beige with white or dark gray can beget interesting solutions, for example, a dark floor and bright ceiling with beige walls create a feeling that the room is a little higher than it actually is.
  • Blue - a great companion for manycolors. A bathroom in beige tones, he turns in the air, full of freshness of the room, at the same time preserving the warmth. The combination of blue and beige can be used in a classical style, as well as in the sea.
  • It looks good duet beige and gray, especially if it is saturated. Contrast heat beige tones with cool gray adds dynamics to the interior.
  • On the beige look good as shades of pink (peach, rose, fuchsia) and red (crimson, carmine).
  • The design of beige bathroom is better to do without the blue-green tones. These saturated colors create too abrupt and rude contrast with soft beige, and look pretentious.
  • Beige is quite possible to combine with black, itIt creates a specific mood and gives a graphic quality. This is used as a beige background and black - an accent color. For example, a black plumber on a light beige walls looks very stylish and impressive.
  • Brown perfectly complements the beige colorbathroom, this couple is suitable to any style, but especially - to environmental. Natural tones, close to each other, soothe the nerves and create a sense of purity and closeness to nature.

beige color in the bathroom


tile is most often used to finish the bathroom. The most complete on the market is represented by shades of beige tiles, as well as those that go well with them.

Beige tiles looks very decent,restrained, and at the same time elegant. She does not get tired, which is important, because the repairs in the bathroom - it is expensive, and is not done as often. When decorating a bathroom in beige tile is often combined with natural stone or imitation wood and even wallpaper.

When choosing tile, remember that there is "little tricks" that will help to improve your home decor:

  • If the tiles beige, do not use white grout for filling tile joints. Buy a mixture of cream tones, or ivory.
  • With beige walls of the floor can also be beige, and not be afraid that it is too light - water droplets hardly be noticeable, which is very important for wet rooms.
  • Using tiles of different shades of the same color, you can create a mosaic effect. Spread necessarily symmetrical pattern, "artistic mess" will give the bathroom originality and charm.
  • If the bathroom is small, use more light tiles to the room seemed spacious. Most bathroom tiles can finish in dark colors.

Design beige bathroom


Beige bathroom design involvesthe use of wooden furniture, it will look natural and will not enter into dissonance with the rest of the decor. Furniture can be either light or dark wood. Bright Wood looks good against the dark walls, dark, on the contrary, advantageous contrast with light beige tiles.

Doors can be either wood and unpainted,or covered with paint bright colors beige. Valid and white doors. It looks good in beige and white bathroom furniture. If used in the finishing of natural stone, such as flooring, furniture can be a glass with metallic elements, and it will naturally look in high-tech style.

Design beige bathroom

beige color in the bathroom

sanitary engineering

Designers do not recommend using plumberbeige color in the bathroom, it does not look very presentable. Preferably white, black, or color of natural marble. In general, plumbing, stone and marble items can decorate any bathroom, but beige, they look especially elegant.

beige color in the bathroom


The bulk of the accessories can be beige, and differ only in saturation tones from the finishing room. Well look, wooden accessories, especially in eco-style.

Curtains, towels, bathrobes can be white,pink, peach color, or any other - it is only important that they are well combined with the basic tone of the interior. Perhaps only one color can be identified, which will look unprofitable - it is yellow.

beige color in the bathroom

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