Bathroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui bath and toilet

How to bathroom and toilet room, visitedall members of the family and often. The proper arrangement of these spaces depends not only comfortable, but, as the ancient science of the arrangement of the house - Feng Shui, material well-being.

Feng Shui bath and toilet, gives clear advice on the favorable location, the color of the walls and even the proper decoration of premises.

Bathroom Feng Shui.
  • bathroom form must be oval or round, to avoid negative "arrows", affecting the favorable circulation of energy Qi.
  • The color range for the proper Feng Shui bathroom choose pastel shades such as white, beige, pale blue or pink color, flooring should be in tone walls.
  • Mats should be avoided, if the pad is needed - remove it after swimming.
  • Bright lighting bathroom - perfectly stimulates the movement of positive energy Qi.
  • Mirror good pick oval shape, but the fractional mirrors or mirror tiles in the bathroom of feng shui, you should not apply.
  • In the field of view should be only those bottles with detergent compositions that you use, the rest hide in the closet.

Feng Shui bath and toilet

Feng Shui bath and separate toilet involvespremises, it is believed that the combination of two powerful "plum" in the literal sense of "wash away" your financial well-being in the common stock. If both rooms you have already merged, it is necessary to build an artificial divider. Apply can be low plasterboard partitions or put a narrow cabinet.

bathroom feng shui

In the case of a small room, bathroom Feng Shui,It presupposes the existence of a dividing curtain. Additional protection of your well-being, will serve as one more advice Feng Shui bath and toilet - always keep the toilet lid closed, as well as the door itself to the bathroom.

Feng Shui bath and toilet

In the case of the close proximity of a bedroom and a bath in the house, according to Feng Shui bathroom should do so:

  • bed is located as far as possible from the wall bordering the bathroom;
  • Feng Shui bedroom bed should not be in front of the entrance to the bath or toilet;
  • additional "lock" - hang a mirror on the bathroom door and the toilet, the move "removes" the entrance of the space.

In conclusion, the main rule is not relatedbut not only to feng shui bathroom - for a correct and active circulation of energy in the space, the room should be as clean dirt and dust "hoarding" a negative, which can cause adverse effects on you.

Feng Shui Bathroom

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