19 gorgeous bathrooms, affecting its design and style

Disa and style of modern bathrooms.

In the new review, incredible examples were collectedbathrooms that definitely will surprise everyone by its extraordinary interior. Make something like that if you want you can and at his home. Collected options will satisfy even the most daring and unusual requests.

1. Boho Chic

Unusual interior bathroom in boho style.

Great bathroom in boho style, the highlight of which was a large bathtub with the effect of cracked copper.

2. Cozy luxury

Bathroom suites.

Gorgeous bathroom with showy dark wallpaper decorated with a stylish floral print, a decorative fireplace, chandelier and stunning trendy font gold.

3. minimalist design

Bright bathroom in a minimalist style.

Minimalist bathroom interior, a feature of which was a fantastic built-in bathtub with a rough concrete rim.

4. Elegant Black

Luxurious bathroom in black and gold colors.

Stunning interior design with a bathblack accent wall, the fantastic gold fixtures and fittings and gorgeous retro bathroom, decorated with three-dimensional bubbles black and gold colors.

5. Honeycomb

A bathroom in shades of gray.

Stylish and sleek design of bathrooms, whose walls are decorated with trendy ceramic tiles in the form of hundreds of elegant gray.

6. Dynamic space

Combining modernity and naturalness in the interior of the bathroom.

Proper combination of two shades of glossy ceramic tiles and natural wood helped to create an incredibly dynamic and at the same time cozy space.

7. Male character

Bathroom with a blue accent wall.

Modern men's bathroom with an accent wall a deep dark blue color, hanging cupboard concise and rigorous square mirror.

8. Classic contrasts

Stylish bathroom in black and white.

Stylish bathroom for decoration whichWe use the classic white tiles in the form of bricks and trendy black honeycomb, adding all modern fixtures and a small but significant wooden details.

9. riot of greenery

The bathroom is in white and green.

The bathroom is decorated in white and green colors, which makes it extremely fresh and shiny golden hardware brings to the interior of the notes of style and elegance.

10. An important detail

Bathroom with original floor finish.

The spacious bathroom with a large mirror floor, white walls and contrasting dark floor, trimmed with ultra-modern tiles, similar to fish scales.

11. Blooming

Bright floral wallpaper in the interior bathrooms.

Fresh and spacious bathroom, whose walls are decorated with a combination of white ceramic tile and colorful wallpaper with a floral print.

12. Oriental style

Creative interior design in oriental style.

The bold design of the bathroom in the marked oriental style, which was the highlight of a large wall mirror.

13. Blue Depth

Bathroom with blue walls.

Elegant bathroom with gorgeous dark blue walls and an abundance of trendy golden accents in the form of a mixer, wall lamp and mirror frames.

14. Closer to Nature

Adjacent bathroom in boho style.

The charming interior of the adjacent bathrooms, a highlight of which were live plants and delicate curtain over the bath.

15. Bright aquarium

Charming bathroom with a pink door.

A small bathroom with a spectacular dark wallpaper, decorated with images of fish and fun garish pink door.

16. Rustic Art

Modern bathroom with rustic elements.

Great bathroom with rustic elements in the form of wooden and brick walls and shiny luxury bathroom in modern style.

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17. Scandinavian style

Bright bathroom in a Scandinavian style.

The spacious bathroom is up to date today, Scandinavian style, with white walls, wooden floors and spectacular skull on the wall.

18. Solar details

Huge suite with a sofa.

Comfortable bathroom with soft black and white sofa, a bright pedestal and an abundance of textile elements rich yellow color.

19. Maiden kingdom

Flirtatious bathroom with pink walls.

Charming bathroom with fantastic pink walls, contrasting black and white floor and an abundance of golden details.

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Continuing the theme 20 stunning examples of concealed lightingWhich make the interior irresistible.

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