Three stages in the glueing paper wallpaper

pokleit wallpaper on the wall

To pokleit wallpaper on the wall and not to be disappointedas a result, should follow a specific method. Perfected by time and generations of experience, it ensures that the wallpaper will pokleit. Quality and aesthetics, of course, will depend on your effort and accuracy.

As wallpaper glue on the wall properly?

There are three main steps like pokleit wallpaper on the wall:

  • preparation of walls,
  • wrapping a straight wall,
  • sizing the corners.

Preparing walls - this is the most important step inglueing paper wallpaper. If the walls are badly or insufficiently prepared on the basis of equal work, then no matter how you try, no matter what efforts were applied then - even the best and high quality wallpapers in the world will look like in the end badly. Conversely, if the walls are perfectly prepared, then, even the most simple paper wallpaper will look neat and beautiful.

Prepare the wall for glueing of wallpapers, meansremove old wallpaper, clean the walls with crumbling plaster, putty irregularities, level the surface, or by adding plaster or drywall applying if necessary. Sanding the wall over the entire surface, remove dust, apply a primer. For all the nuances of working with wall coverings, it is better to read further, to have a more detailed understanding of the process.

Getting wallpapering on the wall. Divide the roll into pieces, according to the measured vertical length, plus five centimeters, at trimming. It is important, if you have the wallpaper with a pattern, you may need more headroom.

sticky paper wallpaper

We begin gluing paper wall-paper on a wall from right to left, indented from the corner. All we are putting a strip coated with adhesive, from top to bottom, smooth air bubbles, cut too much at the top and bottom.

How to hang wallpaper on the wall

How to hang wallpaper on the walls in the corners, letanalyze. Evenly distribute the adhesive with a brush on the surface of the walls and the selected band wallpaper. Next, apply the strip overlapped on the corner and an adjacent wall, and normally smoothes her up and down. Further, in the line that was set precisely to the corner, and cut off the excess wallpaper office knife. The same operations are carried out from the next wall.

Wallpapering the walls

After wallpapering the walls, glue remainsspace for batteries and above the windows. For panels glue is not very convenient, it is better to remove them completely, if this is not possible, then gently tuck, well sized and pre-clipped "tails" behind radiators.

Wallpapers are glued over the windows in the usual way, it makes sense to trim the length of the fabric after pasting, especially if the slopes are not equal.

So you've got to know the main stages and theoretically already know how to glue wallpaper to the wall. We wish you good luck in the repair.

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