Pros and cons of the parquet and laminate

parquet or laminate, it is better to

It is not always easy to choose the flooring forhome or office. Offers and the mass of options, from floor tiles and linolleuma to parquet and laminate. Most of the living rooms, yet is selected from the last two options, as parquet or laminate, which is better?

To decide on this issue should be separately disassembled characteristics of laminate pros and cons of its composition and usage.

Laminated floor boards in its composition is, four-layer compressed "sandwich" of the following components:

  • outer layer - high-strength film of special resins and protects the product from external influences;
  • second layer - decorative, contains a picture;
  • third layer - fiber board of high mechanical strength;
  • fourth layer - stabilizing layer.
Based on the characteristics of the laminate structure, it is possible to note its indisputable advantages:
  • the ability to withstand severe mechanical stress;
  • resistant to UV light;
  • It has a heat resistance;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • It does not react with the products of household chemicals;
  • suitable for "warm floor" in the flooring system;
  • ease of stacking;
  • a wide selection of colors and textures;
  • easy to maintain and clean;
  • affordable price.

The result was a fairly extensive list of the benefits of laminate flooring, but also disadvantages, too, should not be forgotten:

  • Low Attenuation (for an additional "kill" it is necessary to apply the "substrate");
  • cover pretty cool;
  • life of not more than ten years;
  • restovratsionnye impossible to work.

Pros and cons of flooring

In comparison, the pros and cons of parquet more obvious, but they are also to be transferred to a comparison was complete.

The composition of the multi-layer parquet less than laminate. Parquet - solid wooden board is covered with several layers of special lacquer for protection.

Pros and cons of flooring.


  • "Warm" coating retains heat;
  • high sound insulation;
  • gippoalergenno;
  • parquet flooring can be used for more than twenty-five years, it all depends on the material quality and styling;
  • tree does not attract dust.

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting:

  • subject to external mechanical effects (scratches, dents);
  • It responds to changes in temperature and high humidity (swelling, cracking);
  • for continuous operation is important special care;
  • high price.

parquet or laminate that better

Wondering, parquet or laminate that betterWe need to better define the issue for themselves. For what it is you plan to use the coating, in any room, at any time, which means you are willing to invest. Choosing laminate flooring pros and cons, which is now more apparent, you will definitely save, get a chance to change coverage without regret after a short time, at the next repair.

Pros and cons of flooring is meant a longduring use, so choose the parquet worth it when you firstly have the opportunity, and secondly, do you plan to exploit the room for years.

Based on the above, ask parquet or laminate that better does not make sense, they are two different coatings, which are in different price segments.

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