Installation of shingles

soft roof installation technology

soft roof technology does not requirethe use of special intrumentov so accessible and easy to perform. Installation Shinglas tiles produced on a single wooden panel from the treated plywood or wooden planks. The foundation rests on the rafters, to "cushion" of three elements: insulation, waterproofing and against condensation film.

For dense proleganiya and "setting"The adhesive layer of shingles installation is carried out at the level of the thermometer above five degrees Celsius, or in winter with a hair dryer building. In the case of "cold" works basis roofing material should contain modified bitumen.

Preparatory stage- finished ground

installation of tiles ShinglasFor the installation of tile Shinglas base may be: OSB, water-resistant plywood or sheet pile is also used regular shaped board coated.

An important condition - when wet base material must not exceed a "dry" weight by more than twenty percent.

Airbag - ensuring ventilation

soft roof installation technologyAny method and material used for roofing is important to ensure proper ventilation. Consider a system is used in soft roof installation technology.

The gap of the air corridor should be atless than fifty centimeters, opening the hood should be positioned as high as possible, and the air inlet as low as possible, so that the required circulation will be achieved.

Properly organized airbag when installing shingles, will ensure the conservation of heat in the room in winter and protect against overheating in the summer, will also help to reduce the humidity.

Flooring underlay

Installation of shinglesFor the lining is used roll roofing material. The lining is mounted on the entire surface, from the top edge of the roof.

Overlapping coverage - ten centimeters. The substrate is fixed on the basis of nails, seams are glued.

Fixing metal cornice brackets

soft roof installation technologysoft roof mount technology involves thorough preparation surfaces before putting some of the main deck.

All used metal eaves Drip - for the removal of moisture, which are attached with nails on top of layer pads with overlapping two centimeters, zigzag, step one hundred millimeters.

Installing metal gable planks

soft roof installation technologyProtect the edges of the front and back at the expense of gable slats, clamping system - zigzag, overlap two centimeters, step one hundred millimeters.

Installation valley carpet

installation of tiles shingasWater-resistant mounting shingas shingles itself is beyond doubt, but the whole structure at each stage of the preparatory process takes additional waterproofing.

The valleys in the lining of the stack, "carpet", in the color of the tile. The edges of the cover are fixed with roofing nails in steps of ten centimeters.

Installation of eaves tiles

installation of tiles shingasThe next step is the installation of tile shingas - self-adhesive fixation along the eaves of the roof eaves.

Fasteners ordinary shingles

installation of tiles shingasTo the color of the cover was the same, the tiles are laid directly from -Five four packs at a time.

Laying should be done from the center of the eaves towards roof ends.

Mounting of the ridge

installation of tiles shingasCornice tiles divided by perforation in three parts, the final size should be 0.25 x 0.33 m.

Fasteners Roofing adjacencies

installation of tiles shingasAll need to go through the roof, small diameter, made using rubber seals.

For chimneys required insulation and framing tiles triangular rack 50 * 50.

Use sealing adhesive

installation of tiles shingasFor reliable sealing of overlaps, carpet backing and other places of contiguity, using bituminous adhesive.

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