Cork in the interior

cork flooring in the interior

Flooring options therequite a lot to think about. But the choice is not limited to conventional materials, the trend of recent years are forcing manufacturers to look for new derivatives to cover eco-format, so cork floors in the interior has already found its fans and their number continues to grow.

What is cork flooring pros and cons of its use, it is worth considering in more detail.

cork flooring pros and cons

Positive aspects of the use of cork in the interior:

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly material is created from shallowmolded chip oak bark no more than thirty years. Cork in the interior will not absorb dust, and therefore, in contrast to the parquet or carpet, it will not be able to breed mites.

The ability to prevent the formation of mold, making cork floor in the interior is simply not replaceable, if a family has children or allergies.

cork flooring in the interior

wearing qualities

The uniqueness of the cork consists in itsability to "recovery." If the detail consider the option of cork floor pros and cons of its use in relation to other materials, it can be said with certainty that this characteristic has neither one coating.

Cork is able to hide the cuts, traces of pressing and pressing, of course, if you tear off a large piece of cover, return the original form would not be possible, but on the small problems, the owner is insured.

Particularly heavy objects can be placed on suchfloor, but they should be moved periodically to a material able to align itself. Thanks to its original properties, cork in the interior will last a very long time.

cork in the interior

Moisture resistance

Cork flooring can be applied not only in the interiors of the rooms, but also in the bathroom and the kitchen, the cork does not absorb moisture, so it is easy to reflect the water.

Additional anti-slip effect,It will be very to the article. Like any material, cork flooring, also has its frame strength, if the neighbors will flood the apartment, the coating may swell.

cork flooring in the interior


If a family has fun and very noisy kids orTeens who love loud music and dancing, cork floor in the interior is simply irreplaceable. The material absorbs sound well, so you can not worry about the neighbors.

cork flooring in the interior


As with any natural material, cork just very beautiful.

pith field pros and cons

What is included Cons:

High price

Finding out all about cork field pros and cons of itUse, do not forget that good can not be is cheap. But if you value the benefits that brings this unique material, it is possible that it is necessary to stop a choice.

pith field pros and cons


A full minus the item can not be considered,but cork laid floor independently, simply is not suitable in most cases this leads to deterioration of the coating. To comply with all the technological standards needed professional help.

pith field pros and cons

pith field pros and cons

pith field pros and cons

Cork flooring "champagne" colors in the nursery for 2-boys.

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