Roof installation of the soft tile

roof shingles

Covering roofs with a soft tile in ourwhile quite justified step, thanks to the high quality of manufacturing such tiles will be long and reliably, and the properties of flexibility can be useful to cover the non-standard roofs. Covering for roofs of shingles has several names - this roofing tiles and Shinglas and a soft roof.

Roof Shinglas can have virtually any shape sheets: diamond-shaped, square, rounded. In this form vary based on customer requirements and the manufacturer.

Roof Shinglas

Roof installation of the soft tile

  • To cover the roofs of shingles usedlaminate based on glass fiber. The material has high strength properties, it is further coated on top of two layers of modified bitumen.
  • Arranging the roof of the soft tile, you canupdate the whole design of the house due to the color coating solutions. Microgranules cover the top layer of a soft roof Shinglas simultaneously allow the painted surface in any color and make the most durable material. At the moment, there are more than 25 colors options.
  • On the bottom layer of bitumen applied "glue" -bitumen-polymer mass, it has a self-adhesive feature, the silicone layer protects the film until sticking. At the time of installation of shingles film is removed and the sheets are glued overlapped on each other, to the base plates nailed roofing nails.

Benefits of shingles

  • Shingles - ensures sealing of the roof with the help of modern technologies of production materials.
  • For the roofing of the soft tile you do not require the use of special equipment.
  • Roof Shinglas suitable for roof installation in new buildings and for the repair of roofs in old houses
  • Thanks to its simple mounting scheme, the mother of roofing spent economically without a large number of waste.
  • The roof of shingles is not subject to the basic "disease" of traditional coatings: rust, corrosion, rot.
  • Excellent performance properties allow the use of coating from thirty to fifty years.
  • Finally, the price-performance ratio, the most typical for this material.

The roof of shingles

Layered structure of the coating

The roof of shingles

  • The outer layer - basalt granules or mineral grit - provides color design and extra protection.
  • The second layer - modified bitumen - coated seals.
  • The third layer - fiberglass - at the expense of the reinforcement allows the coating to retain its original shape;
  • The fourth layer - again applied bitumen - to increase the sealing properties.
  • The fifth layer - cold-resistant self-adhesive bitumen-polymer mass;
  • The last layer - Silicone protective.

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