Roof ondulin: technical specifications

Roof ondulin - is totally naturalmaterial, which is made of cellulose - fiber, wood components. To make them roofing, the fibers are subjected to elevated temperature and pressure, thus setting the waveform - crimping.

The process takes place at a temperature of about 120degrees. The resultant impregnated sheet of special composite polymeric compositions, and stained. This roof Ondulin turns out environmentally friendly and safe for humans and the environment.

This is the most waterproof roofing material,surpassing in this indicator, many other, even more popular. Another plus - over time this roof not only begins to flow, and vice versa - will be even better protected against moisture your home. The secret is that the sun warms the roof badly, and this warming gradually strengthens the structure of the material, as it were, "gluing" the cellulose fibers together, which increases the strength and water resistance at the same time.

Roof ondulin

Specifications Ondulina

  • dimensions

Length: width: height = 200 cm: 96 cm: 0.3 cm, which is the standard. This "wave" of the corrugations have a height of 3.6 mm, and the area of ​​standard sheet - 1.92 sq. m. An important characteristic for a roofing material is the weight of one ondulinovy ​​sheet weighs 6.5 kg.

  • fire resistance

Roof ondulin has a low fire classsecurity, it lights up at temperatures of 230 degrees. Because of this, it should not be used where high fire hazard, or it is subject to special requirements.

  • Strength

Ondulin makes heavy loads - up to 960 kgper square meter. Thus, with the roof of the device can be expected Ondulina more rapid destruction of rafters or battens than directly roofing material. The material has a high resistance to aggressive environmental influences and chemicals: either alkaline or acid or oil products do not act on it.

  • Security

Specifications Ondulina in terms of security deserve the highest rating. It does not emit harmful substances, it is difficult to break down and get injured.

  • Water resistance

Practically, it is the most resistant material to the action of water, which not only does not lose these properties over time, but on the contrary - increases throughout their lifetime.

  • Types of finishing

Usually ondulin painted in brown, green, red and black colors.

The entire set of characteristics allowsmaterial producers to give him a guarantee of fifteen years in length. Like every mother, roofing Ondulin has its pluses and minuses. They are useful to consider in more detail.


  • Water. Water - the main "enemy" of the roof, but the sheets Ondulina it is not terrible: they are impregnated with the composition, repels water, so moisture can not penetrate the material and destroy it. The coating is carried out overlapping, concealing fixing points and providing additional protection in the field of fastening, although the corrugated sheet in this little needs: nails hammered into the "top of the" waves, and the water does not stay near the hole, without having to get inside.
  • Ecology. The roof of Ondulin safe for human, as made from natural materials.
  • External influences. Acid rain, exhaust fumes, industrial emissions have no effect on this material.
  • The weight. The lighter material - the easier it is to work with him, the less the requirements for the supporting structures of the roof. Ondulin four times lighter slate.
  • Job. The material is easy to cut with a hacksaw, wood can bend and take the desired shape - all this allows you to use it on the roofs of complex profile. It is easy to lay and install.
  • Noise. One of the significant advantages - the opportunity to save money on soundproofing. Heavy rain or birds walking across the roof, do not disturb your sleep, ondulin will mute the sounds.


  • Strength. The lack of strength of the roof should be attributed not to the specifications Ondulina and to irregularities in the installation of roof trusses or the most. Observe lathing step (not more than 60 cm at a 15 degree incline above) and the number of attachment points: one sheet - not less than 20 nails. It is also necessary to comply with the rules of operation, so in intense heat on the roof should not go.
  • Fire. Lack of resistance to fire - one of the most significant disadvantages of the coating.
  • Life time. How many years will serve the roof of Ondulin, it depends on the conditions in which it operates. Too extreme cold and heat, temperature extremes can shorten the life of the roof. Under the conditions of the middle band, it can carry out its functions to twenty years.
  • Burnout. Attractive bright color fades with time. Too rapid loss of color means that the original material is not used, and forgery. But the company's coverage gradually loses its paint.
  • Decomposition. Wood - a natural material, which is a good substrate for mushrooms, moss and other plants. After a couple of years on the roofing Ondulin may appear spots of moss and mold, especially in areas not illuminated by the sun, and ondulin begin to decompose.

By carefully observing all the rulesoperation of Ondulina roofs can last quite a long time, but significantly less than the last a roof of metal or slate. However, in some cases, its shortcomings are more than overlap the main advantage: low price.

Installation Ondulina

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