As pokleit wallpaper on the walls?

Technology wallpapering

From time to time the wallpaper on the walls have to be changed- They get dirty, age, fade, become unfashionable. The technology is quite simple wallpapering, and to cope with this task can practically everyone. It is necessary to change the wallpaper - and the room will look completely different, change the style and mood.

To decide on such a pleasant change, you needa good understanding of what you need to pokleit wallpaper on the walls. It turns out that it is not necessary to pay the repair work, enough to know a few simple rules wallpapering.


One of the important rules wallpapering - preliminary preparation of the required tools. Everything has to be right at your fingertips.

  • Knife, sharp scissors, a ruler of not less than 1 m.
  • Broad brush / brush for applying the adhesive onto the web.
  • Table layout wallpaper (you can do this on the floor).
  • Capacity for glue and water.
  • Cushion for joints.
  • Rags for wiping hands and remove the excess glue from the wallpaper.
  • Ladder.
  • Plummet.
  • Brush to smooth the wallpaper.
  • Putty knife.

Once all the tools at hand to start the process of gluing.

Wallpapering technology


Classical gluing technology wallpaperIt provides an exact match selected wallpaper glue. Vinyl can be glued only with special glue "for the vinyl wallpaper." Paper can be stuck to the wall, even with the help of glue, but do it is not desirable - it serves as a breeding ground for germs. It is best to buy the glue well-known manufacturers, designed for the type of wallpaper, with which you are going to work.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls, if they are appliedcomplex pattern? In this case, the necessary glue that dries slowly, because you will need some time to fit the exact figure after his deposition.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Preparing the wall before pasting wallpaper

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls


It is necessary to strictly observe gluing technologywallpaper, not to create additional difficulties themselves and be confident in the result. To begin with diluted glue usually comes in the sale in the form of powder. It is added to water (not vice versa!), Stirred and allowed to stand for some time (indicated on the box, usually no more than an hour) for the swelling. Strictly adhere to the quantitative ratio of water: the glue, otherwise the wallpaper will lag behind.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Wallpaper paste should be under the scheme, from the window, follow the numbering shown.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Prepare the wallpaper for glueing.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

After the adhesive powder is swelled, it can beapplied to the underside of wallpaper or fabric directly to the wall (indicated on the package with the wallpaper). On the wall, for example, an adhesive is applied to non-woven wallpaper.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Press the wallpaper roller, avoiding the appearance of bubblesor wrinkles. If they are still there - gently separate the painting from the wall, and repeat the procedure, or pierce any air bubbles with a pin or needle and smooth surface. Speaking at the joints, remove excess adhesive with a cloth.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Completion finishes.

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls in tight spaces?

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

As pokleit wallpaper on the walls

Gluing wallpaper better in the summer, the most favorabletemperature for this - 22 - 25 degrees. the process of gluing and drying of wallpaper, do not open the windows and vents - a draft can cause peeling of wallpaper and fabric distortions.

rules wallpapering

If you observe these simple rules wallpapering, you can achieve excellent results even with no special building skills.

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