How to paint a radiator?

Paint cast iron batteries

Paint cast iron batteries - not so complicated process, it can not be run independently, thus saving a decent amount. In addition, you will be confident in the quality of work.

What is needed in order to cope with this task? To qualitatively paint the battery, you need a suitable paint, as well as knowledge of some technological "secrets" of the process.


When painting radiators to cover themspecial requirements: they must be resistant to a constant high temperature, abrasion resistance, and long retain consumer properties, ie attractive appearance. Most use the following compositions for painting of cast iron batteries:

  • Alkyd enamel.

Advantages: when heated to 90 degrees maintain strength without "peels" resistant to abrasion.

Cons: long time kept a peculiar odor, fast-yellowing coating, can be deformed.

painting iron batteries

  • Water-dispersion acrylic enamel.

Pros: fast drying, odorless when dry, color fastness, which can be varied by means of universal callers.

Cons: limited selection - not all of the enamel band withstand high temperatures.

painting iron batteries

  • Acrylic enamel solvents.

Pros: do not need pre-treatment before painting radiators, to high temperatures and moisture resistance, surface gloss, long retains its original color.

Cons: Need to use a solvent, the inability to use the universal color schemes to change the color shades.

painting iron batteries


To paint the battery, you need to have, in addition to the selected enamel:

  • Cleaner for old paintwork,
  • sandpaper,
  • primer with anti-corrosion properties and a set of brushes.

painting iron batteries

One brush do not succeed: For jobs need a small, long-handled, to the external surfaces of a broader approach, which will allow to put the paint more evenly, and save time.

Paint radiators


Painting radiators is better not to be carried out inheating season. Enamel Coating the hot metal will increase the smell in the room, for the same coverage can get uneven. During warmer months, you can open the windows for ventilation, to smell the solvents did not cause harm to health. If necessary, all the same color the battery to start in the winter, disconnect it from the heating system by means of suitable valves.

  • Prepare the surface. Treat her the means for removal of the old coating, allow the recommended time and then walk sandpaper, remove old paint. The places where it is held tightly and does not leave, you can leave - a new enamel and will fall over.
  • Rinse and dry the battery. With a brush, apply on her soil, protects against corrosion. The choice depends on the soil of your battery status and range primers in the store. Shop assistant will help with the selection.
  • Painting iron batteries start from the insideand the top portion to the paint is not flowing water stains formed. For use suitable in size, thickness and length of the brush handle. For better stability of the coating to the external shocks and maintaining an attractive appearance in the long term, apply two thin enamel layer. The second layer is applied after the full drying of the first.

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