How to insulate a metal entrance door?

insulate the front door with your hands

To save in the apartment maximum amount of heat and do not pay for heating in winter, try to warm the front door with your hands. It's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.


Thermal insulation of doors, like wood, andmetal, usually start on the perimeter. The task is not difficult. To solve it, you need to have a special seal, which can be both self-adhesive and mortise.

How to insulate the iron door

How to insulate the iron front door with it?

Self-adhesive seal requiresurface pretreatment. Any suitable solvent (alcohol, acetone, paint thinner) treat the door frame, and firmly press the adhesive seal around the perimeter, removing it from the substrate. Mortise seal with the force pressed against the groove, pre-cut into the door frame.


How to insulate a metal door onperimeter that it is securely? First of all, it is necessary to accurately determine the thickness of insulation needed. This can be done with the help of plasticine. Wrap it in plastic wrap, place a cloth between the door and the frame, and press strongly. On the reverse side is formed clay roller, and its thickness is the thickness of insulation you require.

Is insulated by a thermally insulating material

How to insulate a metal front door toit was not only safe, but also beautiful? If your door - a metal profile with sheet metal, welded to it, it can not protect from cold and noise. Insulate the front door with your hands by filling a suitable thermal insulation material gaps between the metal sheets.

As the insulation is possible to select panels of expanded polystyrene, foam, or other thermal and noise insulating materials.

Insulate the front door with your hands

Also needed:

  • one or more sheets of fibreboard;
  • liquid Nails;
  • sealant;
  • screws;
  • tool for the job (Roulette, door, jig saw, screwdriver).

How to insulate an iron door on all the rules?

  • To start a tape take measurements of the door leaf. The data accurately and precisely move on fiberboard, and drank the resulting pattern.
  • Mark the holes on the template under lock and peephole (if any), and also cut them out.
  • To cope with such a task, as a warmmetal front door on their own, you need to fill the void in her chosen insulation so that no more voids and crevices. The heater is attached to the door with the help of liquid nails or sealant.
  • The next step is to insulate your front doorhands will help you to foam. With the help of all the emptiness, even a small gap to be filled, then give the foam to dry, cut off all the excess and cut holes in the seal under lock and peephole. After this preparation can be considered as over.
  • In the last step the cut pattern fiberboard sheet is fastened around the perimeter of the canvas. Then the door can be selected upholstering material - already mostly for decorative purposes.

how to insulate the iron door

If you are still in doubt as to insulateiron front door without the help of experts, learn the design of its doors. It is possible that some operations you do not need, and all will be easier than you thought.

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