How to choose the air curtains?

Air curtains - this devicefor thermal heated and air-conditioned rooms. If at the entrance to the room the air curtain is installed, you can not worry about the safety of the temperature regime: even with frequent opening of the door, the indoor temperature will remain the same.


In this unit the following principleoperation: in the veil, inside mounted high-power fan, by which pursues a continuous flat stream of hot air, providing at the door or window opening kind of "imperceptible wall" that prevents cold air to penetrate into the room, and hot to go outside. Air curtains and successfully applied in hot weather: you just turn off the heat setting, and during the conditioning room, the cold air will not come out of the premises.


The most relevant of these devices in areas with large human trafficking in masses, such as:

  • shopping and office centers;
  • Metro;
  • communicating rooms;
  • warehouses and industrial buildings.

The most popular manufacturers rely curtains:

  • Ballu;
  • Frico;
  • Tropic;
  • Teplomash.

Buy Air curtains can on site. Model selection is due to the peculiarities of the room where the installation will be carried out. Therefore, before purchasing the air curtain is to make measurements of the installation space:

  • the width of the entrance door or window if the devicewill be mounted horizontally (the length of the device must comply or be slightly larger than the width of the opening, if the width exceeds 2 meters, ie limiting the length of the air curtain, it is appropriate to install multiple devices);
  • doors or the length of the window if the device ismounted vertical way (. veil usually mounted vertically when installed in a room ceilings or have gaps between the top of the doorway and the ceiling unit length with this type of system should not be less than 3/4 of the length of the door opening);
  • the volume of the room (the higher it is, the more powerful mustbe the device. The calculation is carried out expert, however, in residential areas can be calculated required power levels independently, formula Q1 power per 10 m2 with a height of not more than room and 3 meters without concomitant heating);
  • the nature of the premises: house / apartment, or a public place like a store (in public places large flow of people, and the doors are frequently opened / closed, so there for the proper functioning of need high power. For a residential building, it is best to choose a less powerful device with a thermostat, which will turn off the system when the required temperature) is established in the room.
Depending on the energy source type curtains are:
  • Electrical: in such devices, the air passes through the electric heater, they have many advantages, among which versatility for all types of space and compactness, and ease of installation. The main disadvantage of this type of curtains - high energy consumption;
  • Water: in such devices, the heating function is performed by the water heater. It is the most economical option in terms of energy savings, it is very long, but also the most expensive in terms of price for the equipment and installation (it must be connected to the central heating system). Often, this type is used in industrial facilities;
  • gas: such devices - new, created as an alternative to the first two types of curtains, in case of failure of their installation. Among the advantages of such a device: energy savings, density and uniformity of the air flow. The main disadvantage - explosion hazard in the event of incorrect installation or use.
Heating element type

It is also worth when buying pay attention to the type of heating element in the selected device. There are the following types:

  • Helix: This option is unpopular and short-lived, however, it is cheap;
  • TEN: a kind of safe and durable, heat a large area, located in the mid-range;
  • Stitch-elements: innovation in the market, which is already equipped with two-thirds of the new curtains. This element type allows you to instantly heat up and issue the air, but in terms of price it is more than 2 previous version.

So, before you go shopping for heatveil should carefully consider all of its variety and potential characteristics. If you are unable to make a correct calculation of the necessary devices for power operated premises, consult a specialist. Remember also that the veil is only an additional source of heat, so do not expect from them the same effect as that of the heaters. If you need a versatile option, which creates a protective wall of air and heats the room, and even self-regulated to avoid overheating: get ready for a higher price.

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