Screw pile foundation: pros and cons

Screw pile foundation

Screw piles base-calledsteel pipe surface corrosion, which have at the end of the blade in the form of a screw. This article will be considered types, advantages and disadvantages of screw piles.

Types of screw piles for the foundation
  • Welded

At the end of the pile weld type in the form of a cone with welded blades to it.

  • Cast

Piles are cast monolithic structure (one-piece tip), the service life of such a screw foundation pile higher than welded.

  • Combined

The combined piles of the pile cone is made by casting, and then by welding blades attached thereto.

screw foundation piles

When choosing screw piles should pay attention to manufacturing quality and accuracy of the metal. Helical blade position relative to the axis of the pile must be strictly perpendicularly.

Also pay attention to the diameter, soit is responsible for the load bearing capacity of the pile foundation screw. In the case of construction of the fence, you can use a pipe diameters of up to 7.5 cm. If you want to install the building of heavy materials not suited piles 9 cm and more. If a full house is built, the required screw piles with a diameter of 10 to 14 cm.

Types of binding screw foundation piles

screw piles for the foundation

Mounting screw piles for the foundation requiredspecial calculations, but the technology is not the most difficult to execute. Installation is carried out manually or using specialized equipment. The tube is placed in the ground and concrete is poured, further establish the headgear and applied to the entire structure to protect the structure from corrosion.

Pros screw piles
  • Minimum waste in the construction zone.
  • installation period - from one day.
  • Construction is possible to recite immediately after the installation of piles.
  • Mount screw foundation piles can be even in the frozen soil, which allows you to start the construction work at any time.
  • No need to pre-prepare the area where construction will take place, the landscape remains intact.
  • There are no problems in construction on uneven surfaces. Tubes of different lengths can be chosen, thereby achieving a single horizon surface.
  • If the soil for building fluid or weak, then screw piles easily pass through it and are fixed in a stable layer of soil.
  • When it is possible to install screw piles without technology, it is useful only physical force and special key.
  • Screw piles can be extended, shortened, dismantle and restore.
  • If we compare the pros and cons, screw piles are the most economical option compared with other types of foundations.
Cons screw piles
  • Built using screw piles for the foundation does not have a basement.
  • Since the base material is metal, the disadvantage of screw piles is the corrosion. It should be in advance to check the quality of the protective layer piles.
  • If the construction area is located on a rocky terrain, you have to use specialized equipment. Manually install the piles will be impossible.

screw piles for the foundation

screw piles for the foundation

screw piles for the foundation

screw piles for the foundation

screw piles for the foundation

screw piles for the foundation

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