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How to wash wallpaper

Over time, any wallpaper dirty - their coversdust, spots may appear on their children or "art". How to wash wallpaper, and whether it is possible to do so? First you need to determine the type of wallpaper. Paper can not be washed, if you have such a suitable option - cleaning wallpaper. The paper and non-woven wallpaper with a moisture resistant coating, as well as vinyl can be cleaned.


Special marking that is applied to the package, will help determine how the shoe should be made wallpapers.

  • One wave. Wash these wallpapers can not, wipe them gently with a damp cloth without using detergents.
  • Two waves. When washing is possible to use a number of mild detergent, such as soap.
  • Three waves. It can be cleaned with any detergent.
  • Comb. When washing, you can use mechanical means (brush, sponge) and cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

How to wash wallpaper


How to wash correctly wallpaper? To begin with the dry cleaning. With the help of a vacuum cleaner carefully remove all dust from the surface to the further processing on the wallpaper did not appear ugly divorces. If you have a paper wall - cleaning wallpaper is the only way to refresh them.


The wash wallpaper if, in principle, labeling allows washing? The main principle - you should start with soft means. If the desired effect is achieved, we can move on to more aggressive.
Detergent is required to dissolve in water, moisten the sponge and squeeze strongly.

The wash wallpaper

Wipe the wallpaper, especially paying attention tovery dirty place. The faster you do this procedure - the less likely that the wallpaper will suffer. Make sure the wallpaper is not wet, otherwise they quickly lose their color and properties, and then need to plywood. Then wipe with a dry cloth wallpaper and let dry in the absence of drafts.

The wash wallpaper


One of the most common contaminants are imprints left by dirty fingers. Paper wallpaper is easy to clean them using a crumb or a soft eraser.

The wash wallpaper


The wash wallpaper, if they have grease stains? Paper can be cleaned with talc. It should be slightly diluted with water and apply on the spot. After drying with a soft brush to brush away the talc.

cleaning of wallpaper

The second option is a dry cleaning wallpaper - to impose on the grease stain, dry paper towel and iron it hot iron. Napkin should be changed periodically.

How to wash wallpaper if grease stain "decorated" vinyl? Use detergents for dishes, they are most effectively dissolve fat.


Pencil drawings can be removed with a soft eraser. Harder if to create "masterpieces" your children used markers. With paper or silk wallpaper they can not be removed.

The wallpaper wash if they can withstand moisture? For markers that use water as a solvent for the dyes, suitable soap solution. Those markers, which are filled with solutions of alcohol, is washed through diluted alcohol or citric acid.

The wash wallpaper

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