Trend: the bare walls in the bedroom

Interior design in your own apartment orin the house - pretty exciting and interesting to do, because before you open opportunities to show imagination and work in a totally creative atmosphere. Design, whatever field it is not treated, helps people to speak, to make the world more beautiful and more comfortable, bring him fresh ideas, relevant and fashionable trends.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Among these trends we have seen was quiteinteresting and extraordinary trend that will appeal to those for whom style and comfort are synonymous laconic approach to interior design. This is a "bare", that is in no way to decorate the walls in the bedroom - the room, embodying peace and rest from the bustle.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Speaking of the "bare" walls, we mean perfectsmooth surface that can be painted in a neutral color, such as gray, white, milk or powdery. Decorate various objects or coat other materials such walls is not necessary because the meaning lies in the fact that they looked like a blank sheet of paper.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

The purest wall: The embodiment of lightness and purity

Naked walls in the bedroom are a good opportunityCreate a stylish interior with no extra effort, you need to prepare the surface and choose the right paint color. If you imagine a room very light and light, make your choice in white, namely its warm shades: ayvory, milky, soft cream.


Empty wall

Do not fear, though the white walls withoutany form of decoration "hospital" atmosphere, since this effect is easily avoided by using elegant furniture, original accessories (eg lighting) thick assembly for curtains and active patterns on textiles.


Shades of white are perfectly combined withvariety of wood species. It should be noted, if you enjoy the above trend as wooden objects must live in the bedroom with a "bare" walls.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Using contrasts

Clean walls will certainly help you sleepnight, because nothing will be too much bother and attract eyes. And yet, leave room minimalist in all respects, it is not necessary - it should be bright and textured objects, compensating the lack of wall design.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

For starters, you can order the production of the beautifulfigure headboard for the bed, as well as to buy a small, or with a graphic floral pattern, carpet. One easy chair with a colored upholstery fabric pleasant to touch and quilted bedspread complete the image of the room and will be a spectacular addition to the "bare" walls.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Color and shape

Walls without decor with perfectly smooth surfaceCurrent trends will be difficult in the shape of the room, or where there are architectural features: projections, recesses, five or more corners instead of four.

In areas with a similar layout is not quitesimply apply the classic décor on the walls, the risk to overdo it or miscalculate with silhouettes as wall "with features" are themselves active, requiring a careful approach to the design.


The purest wall

In this connection, we recommend to turn tocomplex design of the walls by means of color - quiet, but profound, intelligent. Refracted at different angles, nice shades, such as coffee, cobalt or beige and gray will always look different in the joints, corners, niches.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Beautiful light

Against the backdrop of bare walls not only rugs and furniture look more attractive, but also large or unusual lighting here will find a better use for not finding a similar competition.

Before you is the freedom of choice in favor ofvintage chandeliers with crystal pendants, Moroccan perforated lampshades, designer lamps from different, sometimes unexpected materials. All of them are nicely scatter light, forming the walls of the net lace kaleidoscopic patterns or shapes.


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls


Bedroom interior with "bare" walls

Good luck!

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