Top 10 mistakes when you make a bedroom

Organize bedroom space is not soeasy as it might seem at first glance, therefore, furnished interior, many make mistakes, which in future will affect not only the image of the room, but also your personal comfort.


Bedroom interior

Let's look at the most common mistakes made when you make a bedroom and find out how they can be avoided.

Too large chandelier

Unless you own a studio and one bedroom there is also a living room and kitchen - Installation of a large lamp on the ceiling can be a plus.

Intensive flood light, most often, is not justified in the interior of a bedroom, in addition, it makes the room look like a room for receiving guests, but not the room to relax.


Too large chandelier

Correctly The main bedroom is far from the toplight, and optional, in the form of floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. These instruments should implement the lighting of the room, but the ceiling is better to hang a lamp trim - suspension, a chandelier or ceiling type in two or three medium powerful lamps.


bedroom interior

near Lodge Library

Passion for reading will always distinguish you ashuman intellectual and cultural development and well-read. A private library - this is the current trend at all times. And yet, in the bedroom to place a large number of publications it is not recommended, especially in the area of ​​the bedside.

Because of the dust settling permanently on the books, a sleeping person can be difficult breathing, develop allergic reactions.


Library near the bed

Correctly If possible, reduce to a minimum the number of books in the bedroom, at the same time, they should be placed away from the bed, for example, on a shelf or shelves on the opposite wall.


bedroom interior

Mirror along the bed

One of the obvious errors in the design of the bedroom you cancalled mirror installed in the vicinity of the bed. Your reflection, at first, will be amused and interested, but soon you will feel that it gives an alarm and prevents good sleep.

These mirrors are installed in cabinets coupe, whose designs are arranged in parallel along the bed, or large floor mounted opposite.


Mirror along the bed

Correctly The mirror in the interior of the bedroom should be placedso that you are lying in bed, could not see it reflected. For example, put a floor mirror to the wall at the foot of the bed, place two of the same on the bedside tables, or use a mobile mirror frame on wheels that can be deployed in any direction.


Bedroom interior

Blank walls

Let a bedroom and a bathroom for the rest, butmake of it a space designed especially for sleep, it is a mistake. Ascetic situation, no decorated walls, boring furniture and bedding - all this does not improve the mood, but rather creates a gloomy mood.


Blank walls

Correctly The walls in the bedroom - it's a blank slate, youYou can turn into something original, beautiful and unique in their own taste. Even if you just paint one wall in a contrasting color, and the other to decorate a few pictures from the Internet, print, and inserted into the frame - you can really transform the atmosphere of the room as a whole.


Bedroom interior

Dark interior

We should not deceive ourselves the beauty of the thick darktone interior paint, because in the bedroom wall color saturated and can not settle down. It has long been known that dark blue, burgundy, blueberry, chocolate and black bedroom should be avoided in large quantities, such as the environment will have a tangible impact and interfere with brisk awakening in the morning.


Too dark interior

Correctly If you love the rich range, try selectingderivatives shades of several shades lighter than, for example, instead of black or graphite, pick up the wall of gray-brown, blue-gray, and blue can be replaced or cornflower azure.

Do not forget to combine dark colors with lots of white, cream, adding a shimmering accessories and colorful décor.


Bedroom interior

Massive construction on the headboard

When planning a system to store things in the bedroom,it is important to properly distribute the load, including visual. For example, if part of the wardrobe cabinets mounted on the bed - the man below them will be anxious to fall asleep or just lying.


Massive construction on the headboard

Correctly If the room is no more successful areas for mountingstorage systems, should, nevertheless, leave a free area above the headboard. The bulk of the cabinets is better to install on the sides of the bed, and can be hung over it one - two light shelves, but nothing more.


Bedroom interior

Improper positioning of the bed

Center of the composition is in any bedroombed, around which the rest of the set pieces of furniture. But it happens that the sleeping places are paying so little attention that his organization is not properly engaged at all, taking care first of all about the wardrobe, curtains or textile wall decoration.

In particular, the error in the planning experts call an incorrect placement of the beds at the entrance to the bedroom, the headboard to the window in the corner, and so on.


Improper positioning of the bed

Correctly Regardless of the size and shape of the room in the plan - it is possible to find the optimum area for the location of the bed, ideally, is a wall perpendicular to the window, partition or between the windows.

Also, it is better to install a berth as possible from the door to lying on the bed, you feel comfortable and the outside sounds do not interfere with fully relax.


Bedroom interior

Cold floor

In pursuit of the beauty of the floor, we often neglectsome of its characteristics such as practicality and durability. In addition, the bedroom is contraindicated floor installation of tiles, cheap laminated boards, or Self-leveling liquid mixture.

Unless such materials are not equipped with the system "warm floor" should use other types of coatings.


Bedroom interior

Correctly The ideal situation, practical, durable,aesthetic and warm, is, of course, the coating made of natural wood. But because of its high cost, its use can not be many. Alternatively, it is recommended to lay on the floor parquet board, cork or soft and warm carpet.


Bedroom interior

monotonous clearance

A few years ago it became fashionable to useunified fabric for sewing curtains, bedspreads and upholstery for the bedroom. Today, registration of invoices through the same type is considered bad manners, and the interior of the bedroom - tasteless and bland.


monotonous clearance

Correctly Do not be afraid to mix materials, colors and texturesfabrics and accessories. Just remember that the most expensive and stylish looks together in one interior with natural materials: velvet and silk, wool and cotton, knitted and jacquard products. In addition, a kind of charm in the decoration items will make the bedroom decor of precious metal color.


Bedroom interior

Lack of proper storage

For the small bedrooms is to simply choose a good wardrobe, which not only could accommodate all of your wardrobe, but do not take up too much space, concealing the useful area of ​​the room.

But in addition to poorly organized wardrobe area can only be its absence that simultaneously affects the cleanliness and functionality of the bedroom.


Bedroom interior

Correctly A simple design, consisting of shelvesbrackets, rods and sliding on the rails, boxes, help organize the space small bedroom. We recommend that, in doing so, to focus on the section of hangers, which will provide a great look of your clothes.


Bedroom interior

Good luck!

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