The focal point in the bedroom

In the bedroom, all should be in harmony: furniture, textiles, colors and unobtrusive decor. But in order to gaze focused on any single, specific object, rather than wandering, finding support, should learn how to set accents and hide all unnecessary.

Today we offer a master class by focusing attention in a bedroom interior guided by specific examples with photos

Lodge Morpheus

Making a choice in favor of a large bed,made, for example, made of wood or a fine imitation of this material, it is safe to assume that this piece of furniture will be a major point of focus of the interior. Well, if supplemented by beautiful bed headboard, and even better when the foot is decorated with ornamental balusters or curly stool.


Bedroom design and interior


Do not forget about the ceiling of the bedroom,because, in the case where the height of a large, to focus priority attention, you can use the original surface finish over the head. Perhaps it will be the neoclassical moldings, understated but luxurious at the same time; or, the ceiling can be painted in a color contrasting shades of the walls, which is also very original. Complemented by a good lamp, a ceiling will certainly attract attention in the first place.


Bedroom design and interior

The road patterns

The size and density of the patterns is not so important, but theirHaving the ability to create in the bedroom a magical atmosphere, make it a certain rhythm, which is in the room, sometimes not enough. Beautiful floral or geometric patterns, as well as abstract design or classic patterns used to decorate the walls of a particular area, for example, or in front of the headboard of the bed. Also, you can choose curtains with a concise pattern, made with the use of contrasting color combinations.


Bedroom design and interior

contrast texture

Quite often, the interiors of the bedrooms are decoratedin neutral colors with pleasant but repetitive textures. Recommended to fix this fact, if it takes place in your bedroom, complementing the diverse subjects. For example, if the textiles in the room is made of smooth fabric, put a chair or banquette upholstered in velvet or leather. This technique will not only help to draw attention to a particular object, but also refresh the image of the interior as a whole.


Bedroom design and interior

Picture gallery

Painting in the bedroom - a phenomenon familiar, theStill, be sure to replace the faded paintings of landscapes and still lifes with a completely different plot and colors. Today, in honor bold, avant-garde works by young artists in the art of writing a large stroke and garish palette.


Bedroom design and interior

the head area

One hundred percent hit in the focus point - askilful and bold decoration not only head of the bed in the bedroom, but the wall behind. Here you can keep only the imagination and beyond what is permitted, but the more original and memorable will be the given area, the more interesting and brighter will be the interior of a bedroom.


Bedroom design and interior

Soft Feel

Lay on the bedroom floor and soft, it is desirable,or light colored carpet. It is much more practical than carpet, but no less comfortable, in addition, you can select an instance, the color of which will overlap with hints of some items in the interior. This bedroom will play beautiful colors will remain comfortable, but note it will be true accented.


Bedroom design and interior

Comfortable light

Overhead lighting is not as important as the bedroom,for example, additional sources of light that form the desired atmosphere of intimacy and comfort. You have the right to completely abandon the installation of the chandelier or ceiling fixture, if it is not strictly necessary, and replace them with more appropriate instruments here: floor lamps, table lamps. The unusual shape of these items, as well as the soft warm light coming from the lamps, will be sought accents, creating a very positive impression.


Bedroom design and interior

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