Select the wallpaper for the bedroom. Examples in pictures

Scientists claim that one-third of one's life is a personConducts in a dream, which means that the place for sleep should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Very important role in the design of the bedroom is played by the choice of wallpaper for the bedroom, as they can help create a special relaxing atmosphere.


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design

And in spite of the fact that today the choice of wallpaper is huge, it is not at all easy to choose "your own". Therefore, that would not get confused in their diversity, we suggest to consider the main types of wallpaper:

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Wallpapers: Bedroom Design

What kind of wallpaper to choose in the bedroom

Paper wallpaper.

They are smooth (single-layer paper),Pressed (two or three layers of paper are pressed), and according to the method of drawing the pattern they are divided into: primed (the picture is applied to the paper previously covered with a layer of paint), unprimed (the image is directly applied to the paper). This choice will be most costly, but we should not forget that they are not distinguished by their strength and durability.


Paper wallpaper for the bedroom


Wallpaper of paper on the walls of the bedroom. Paper wallpaper of non-standard colors

Vinyl wallpapers.

The second name for such wallpaper is "washable". The fact is that they have a top layer, thanks to this coating, the wallpaper becomes moisture resistant and can be washed. They are rarely used for bedroom design, more often for bathroom and kitchen, where high humidity. Vinyl wallpaper can have a non-woven or paper backing. There is an opinion that wallpaper is better for a bedroom on a paper basis - they are more environmentally friendly.


Dark floral wallpaper on a vinyl base in the bedroom interior.


Dark wallpaper on a vinyl base in the bedroom interior.


Light wallpaper on a vinyl base in the interior of the bedroom.

Textile wallpaper.

Modern wallpaper for a bedroom made of textile isPasted on the non-woven textile fibers. They look very impressive, especially in the bedroom. The only drawback of this choice is that they are sufficiently dusty and do not tolerate direct sunlight.

Wallpaper in the bedroom. Examples in pictures

Textile wallpaper

In addition to the production of tapestries material, veryIt plays an important role drawing, which shows them. For the interior of the bedroom wallpaper permissible with any décor - floral, geometric, abstract. If the bedroom is dark, it can be visually "lighten up" by making wall light (cream, beige wallpaper). With the objective of zoning bedrooms perfectly cope combined wallpaper for the bedroom, for example bright picture beside the bed, separate sleeping area.

Wallpaper in the bedroom. Examples in pictures

Textile wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, keep in mind the main features

1. Horizontal stripes visually reduce the height of the room.
2. Vertical bands "eat up" the total volume, such a pattern is only permissible in large areas, where the task is to reduce the area.
3. The diamonds and trapeze wallpaper visually expand the room.
4. In small bedrooms, bright wallpaper looks good (variations with a small pattern are possible), as well as large, contrasting and vivid drawings should be avoided.
5. Frequent and large elements reduces the space very effectively look over large areas.
6. When zoning of space in the bedroom should beImage pick bedroom so as to change colors from one to another part of the room was smooth, too, can be one kind of wallpaper paste (more neutral) on three sides and a fourth to make brighter.


3D wallpaper: accent wall

Use borders or moldings that are horizontally razgranichat space, creating the effect of "security", which is especially good for bedroom design.

Bedroom- in-Provence-style-555-18

Wallpapers in the bedroom

Accent wall behind the headboard -a perfect way to add flavor to the interior of the bedroom. With the objective of emphasizing cope wallpaper with a bright pattern and coloring. They can be used as a paste over the wall behind the bed, and only that part which is located directly behind the headboard.


Accent wall in the interior of a bedroom

And most importantly, what should be remembered, color and texture is very influenced by both the residents themselves, their health, activity, performance and mood, and the perception of the space as a whole.

Wallpapers in the bedroom: photo


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Design of a bedroom - wallpaper with a brick wall imitation


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design


Wallpapers: Bedroom Design

Good luck!

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