The islet of peace: 20 small bedrooms, affecting its comfort and style

The cozy little bedroom, which affect its beauty and style.

In the new review, the reader attention immediately not 20very large, but incredibly cozy bedrooms. Each of these may be the perfect choice for home, rooms which can not boast of extra spaciousness.

1. Sunny Mood

Little bedroom with bright accents of yellow and orange.

A small bedroom with well-spaced color accents in the form of an orange canopy, bright yellow bedspreads and sprigs of artificial flowers on the wall.

2. Multi-function space

A small bedroom with lots of shelves.

A small bedroom with a huge number of books,which flooded the entire space. Books in this bedroom are in the closet behind the bed, lie on a bench at the foot, on the bedside table, on the windowsill, and even under the bed boxes.

3. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic tiles in the bedroom.

Most people still believe thatceramic tiles designed exclusively for finishing the bathrooms and kitchen apron, but this tiny bedroom destroys stereotypes and proves that it is not. The walls and the bed in the bedroom covered with ceramic tiles rich active colors, which is one of the main trends of this year.

4. Creative headboard

Bright bedroom with original bed.

The snow-white bedroom has a large window, the highlight of which was bright with the original bed headboard, decorated with three-dimensional hexagonal tiles made of wood.

5. Under the big top

The small bedroom with the original bright ceiling.

Charming bedroom with white walls, a chest of drawers, a small bedroom in vintage style and bright red-and-white ceiling that resembles a circus dome and makes the room visually higher and bulkier.

6. rich palette

Motley interior of a small bedroom.

The colorful wallpaper, curtains in tone striped bedspread, a floor lamp and a saturated blue colors make the interior of this small bedroom cozy and cheerful.

7. Scandinavian chic

A small bedroom with a gray-blue walls.

Ascetic interior of a small bedroom with walls painted in trendy gray-blue color, the minimum set of furniture and an abundance of indoor plants, which create an atmosphere of coolness and comfort.

8. Minimalism

Bedroom in a minimalist style.

Small bright bedroom with a small bed, a bedside table made of rough wood and stylish black-and-white posters in concise frame on the wall.

9. Bohemian style

Comfortable bedroom in boho style.

Little bedroom with potted plants, stylish fabrics and concise bed with headboard original, stylized piece of untreated wood.

10. Male pattern

Dark men's bedroom.

Small men's room with dark walls and curtains, laconic furniture and accessories and original panels of wooden planks.

11. Forest green

A small room with dark green walls.

The refined interior small bedroom with walls,painted in the most fashionable this season, dark-green tint, stylish bed, upholstered in brown leather, stool, cupboard and an original lamp in an industrial style.

12. Country style

Cosy light bedroom in country style.

Charming attic bedroom in rustic style with a stunning bed made of painted wooden decks, the original table and wonderful textiles.

13. Modest space

The tiny bedroom with a bunk bed.

Tiny bedroom, decorated in light, neutral colors with ergonomic bunk bed ladder and also performs the function of the chest.

14. Accent wall

Stylish bedroom with accent wall.

Elegant bedroom with a small-sized accentwall deep dark blue, large, modern bed, at the foot of the bench, creative white canvas on the wall and stylish gold details.

15. Gentle boudoir

Elegant women's bedroom.

Elegant bedroom, decorated in light neutral shades with a large bed, soft carpet and a large closet, hidden behind mirrored doors that make the space visually larger.

16. Modern Style

A small bedroom in a contemporary style.

Stylish modern bedroom with a dark accent wall, soft carpet and a set of furniture consisting of wardrobe, chest of drawers, a double bed and bedside tables.

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17. The sun's rays

Bedroom with warm yellow accents.

Cozy spalenki with white walls and stunning color accents in the form of a yellow bedspreads, cushions and a large picture of the head of the bed.

18 Classic genre

Little black and white bedroom.

The modest black-and-white bedroom with a large comfortable bed, small bedside tables and a pair of golden stool.

19. Bright ceiling

A white bedroom with bright ceiling.

Unconventional interior small bedroom with a warm fluffy carpet, a small bed, a chair, a cupboard, a work area and an incredible ceiling deep red.

20. Luxury

The luxurious interior in dark colors.

The magnificent interior small bedroom,decorated in dark colors with a high bed, bedside tables minimalist, stylish linen drapes, original features and unique designer lamp.

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