How to make the bedside area: main components

Zone bedrooms in each house - this is one of the mostinteresting areas for clearance. This place is quite secluded, even intimate. There should be quiet and comfortable at the same time. In this article, we will discuss how to properly arrange the bedside area.

Most importantly - identify dominant in the bedroom.

As in any composition, there must be thingsas a high priority, and the secondary. You must decide for yourself on what you want in this area to focus. There are several options, let's look at them in more detail.

The bed and headboard

If you decide to focus on the bed, it isIt will be quite bold, although a reasonable solution. The area of ​​this piece of furniture - the biggest of all that are in your apartment (not taking into account cabinets) - about 2 m ?. And here you also have a few options:

Playing with color

In this case, you can only work with the colors and texture of upholstery. The form can be quite traditional, but interesting shade will make your unforgettable bed and on what not similar.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Playing with form

This method is a bit more expensive. Since the production of this kind of headboard - rather laborious and time-consuming work. However, the original bed with headboard is a real gem of the entire room. Now especially popular combination of fabric and leather upholstery, metal rim around the head and various inserts and inlays, as well as beyond the borders of the bed mattress and headboard in curved edges.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Bedside tables

Bedside tables, probably the most elegant way to decorate the bedside area. Here, too, there are different ways of placement and the choice of cabinets themselves:

Classical symmetry and functionality

If you are a conservative person, this way youlike more than others. It is to select two identical pedestals beautiful shape and put them symmetrically on either side of the bed. Just to survive and very quiet - what else is needed for the bedroom. In such an embodiment can not do without drawers, which will be very useful for storing all sorts of little things.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Items not on purpose

In this case we are not talking about the bedsidepedestals. It will most likely items that can perform the function of the bedside table - small stands, coffee tables, ottomans little original or just a stack of books and magazines. The solution is an unusual and charming. especially if you manage to properly decorate this piece of furniture and put on him a few beautiful trinkets.


How to make the bedside area: main components


A separate reception would like to highlight the confusionFirst the two methods together. Now it is very important to use diverse items as bedside tables on both sides of the same bed. The decision is a bold, but logical approach and fine calculation you are destined to become the owner of the most unusual and beautiful bedrooms.


How to make the bedside area: main components

lighting elements

At the bedside area lighting elements can be arranged in several planes. Let them stand in separate paragraphs:

Table lamps and suspensions

Table lamps, especially on the stem, alwaysIt looks elegant and a bit conservative. You can choose a lamp with a light shade so that they gave as much light, and can use color if you plan to use them only for decorative purposes.

Suspensions, in turn, are fastened to the ceiling, butThey are in the same place on the pedestal where and table lamps. The use of these lighting elements are now very popular, so if you want to be a trend - design a light source that will go down to the bed from the ceiling.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Wall brackets

Sconces can be a very functional anddecorative. If you like to read before bed, choose something low-key, with a movable frame to be able to comfortably adjust the degree of illumination and the direction of the beam. If you perceive as a night-light sconces, can safely be guided only by their own personal aesthetic preferences. Do not forget to check that lamps were not too off the wall and do not interfere with you.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Decorative light

These lighting elements can be positioned whereanywhere - under the bed, on her near the cabinets, for a headboard. Their main purpose - to create a special atmosphere and focus on the necessary elements of the interior. All these nuances you need to calculate and design at the stage of construction, because without damage to repair, after the fact to make it virtually impossible.


How to make the bedside area: main components

Wall Decor

Here refer to personal preference. Alternatively, at the head of the panel can be mounted ZD, hang a few pictures or prints as part of, a beautiful picture. There are such decorative elements, which are mounted flush with the wall - so here for registration area at the head of this will be a great solution. Great idea - hang in this place one mirror in a beautiful frame or more, but much smaller. His reflection is not completely confuse you and worry, but as an element of decor mirrors always ask a winning tone.


How to make the bedside area: main components

In whatever you decided, remember - activeand pronounced can be only one piece of furniture, all the rest should be for it background. Accordingly be catchy and fairly neutral.

As for pricing, less costlythe emphasis will be to choose a bed and headboard. Here you can benefit from the unusual colors and textures of the upholstery that is likely to raise the price of several thousand price throughout krovati.A here with Cabinet there is a problem - on the market a lot of beautiful specimens, but they are not cheap. A beautiful and unusual stand will cost you between $ 500 and above. Lighting elements can cost from $ 150, and the decor of the bedroom - it is a matter of luck or taste. You can go to the store and buy something interesting for low budget and can order personalized canvas from the artist and pay for it dearly enough. As always, the art has no boundaries and rules.

Good luck!

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