How to make a bedroom in the attic

Penthouse in a private home - it is aromanticized the place where, more often, it equips the bedroom, because the atmosphere and the location of the room under the roof contribute to recreation, relaxation and a certain detachment from the everyday hustle and bustle.

However, when you make a mansard therequestions about how best to arrange it, that should be considered first and foremost, and what to pay attention to the room was comfortable. For information on how to arrange the bedroom-loft in our article.

Select the appointment of bedrooms

If you decide to organize in the attic bedroom, you should decide exactly who will live in it.

For people aged bedroom in the attic is not suitable, because the daily ups and downs the stairs will be given a hard time and, in general, can be fraught with the appearance of injuries.

For example, the room under the roof can beframed for the young or already established couples. According to psychologists, bedrooms with extraordinary flair and interiors perpetuate the romantic mood and tremulous relationship between husband and wife over the years.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

Attic could be room for children, which will definitely be delighted when in use will have a separate private, away from the constant supervision of adults space.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

Brings light and warmth

Attic, and in other words, "Attic"It is prepared everything for the room location. But sometimes it, nevertheless, heating and insulation system, which should not be provided to take care beforehand.

Insulation of walls and ceiling must be the first stepin the arrangement of the attic, this should pave the layer of insulation under the facing material. In addition, based on the fact, for someone designed room and a number of functional areas defined in it, you need to supply the wiring to power outlets and lighting.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

In the cold season will need to provide heat in the attic, so the installation of the heater or radiator system "warm floor" will be needed in this part of the house.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

We make interior competently

When the main tasks performed by the arrangement of the attic, go to the next stage - the main decoration of surfaces: floors, walls and ceiling.

Since the attic ceiling is always difficultform, because of the nature of the roof, - the height varies in different parts of the room. The joints of the walls and ceilings are generally no higher than 1.5 - 2 m, and the center of the room, these figures are increased twice.

Visually, "rays" of the ceiling can be seenheavily and it seemed to put pressure on a person. Therefore, it is recommended not to overload the odd decor headroom. For example, the walls and the ceiling is better to issue in one color using the same lining, and if the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, but he is short, you can paint all in a lighter shade, then the visual space will become much easier.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

In order to emphasize the lightnessbedroom lofts, but make it bigger in size, you can use contrasting flooring (color of dark wood or chocolate). In this case, the room will be taken up and more fulfilling, as the dark floor divert attention from the complex ceiling.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

Install special furniture

When it comes to furniture design of the attic, many make the same mistake, setting the roof and massive overweight furniture, detached her subjects.

So, better to use the built in wardrobes,tailor-made according to the shape of the room and its ceiling, and the furniture should occupy the space along the wall and from floor to ceiling (with sloping, semicircular or other silhouettes). Then your bedroom will be harmonious and coherent, ergonomic and more spacious.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

In a room with ceilings of different heights are notit is recommended to place the bed on the massive high-legged or with a large headboard. This furniture will create the illusion of even more space shackled. It is best if you set a squat box, supplementing it with a pair of fine cabinets.

The situation favorably complement the elongated compactdesk or desk console, poufs or ottoman, a low coffee table and a rocking chair. Also, among the lightweight furniture, you can choose, for example, the couch-rivers on carved legs, or a love seat that you put next to the dressing table by the window.


How to make a bedroom in the attic


How to make a bedroom in the attic

Use window productively

As a rule, in a room of the attic rarely provides more than a full window, so the area around it should be used with advantage.

Good daylight you provide extracurricularthe work of the child, if it is set desk under the window of the attic. In addition, the views of the treetops and cozy courtyard (park, forest, river, city away) will promote better concentration.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

If the bedroom, the attic you enough daylightlight, you can use the well-known cunning and using mirrors to multiply it. To do this, you need to install a reflective surface on the opposite wall from the window so that the mirror is fully reflected the window opening.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

The area around the window can be used as an area for placement of the dressing table, or a part of your wardrobe to comfortably take care of appearance.


How to make a bedroom in the attic

Good luck!

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