How to expand the pillows on the bed: 10 elegant options

We are sure that you like to decorate your house and doEach room is cozy and stylish, using for this unusual combinations of colors, catchy accessories or just new scenarios for the design of space. For example, in addition to ordinary pillows for sleeping, on the bed can be expanded and decorative: rectangular, round or in the form of rollers.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

And then, to form from them arbitrary or clear compositions, thereby creating a complete image of the bedroom.


Council: We recommend that you purchase a set of three or fivePieces of decorative pillows, contrasting or in a veil tone, but necessarily with different texture (velvety and silk, fluffy and patterned). So you can build them in a new way depending on the mood, time of year or day.


The layout on the edge

A quick and simple way to expand thedecorative pillows - just form a series of two or three pieces (depending on the total number of airbags) as follows: a pillow for sleeping put on edge and leaning against the headboard vertically, following the series also have one after the other.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

Demonstration forms

If besides the usual square pillows andrectangular shape on your bed, and there is still a long rolls, round, quilted in a diamond, shapes (hearts, crescents) - place them in plain view. Such pads are often used to maintain a style or subject, which is formed in the interior. But even in the most humble contemporary space similar accessories will look playfully, adding zest to the bedroom.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

As skittles

Remember how the pins are arranged beforeplayer vybet their ball impact. It is on this principle can be expanded and pillows on the bed, resulting in bed in order. First, lay out three cushions around the head, put them two, and in front - one.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed


Even if the little pillows on the bed, or you justnot a fan of such a large number of accessories, from three to four units can also create something. For example, put a pillow to sleep, as usual, flat, and put them on the vertical edge of decorative items, and better if they are bright.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

Color - the center

Arrange the pillows of different colors on the bed can bethus: the most neutral light put on the sides and in the center of the group the ones that brighter or with a pronounced graphic pattern. Stylish, unbanal, and a soft decoration layout script exactly attracts attention.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed


Sometimes, suppose the weekend, you can affordI do not hurry to dream, and as an experiment, expand the pillow is non-trivial, and even fun. Come up with a composition of his own, not focusing on the size and shape of accessories: pillows lay heaped one on another, remember the dominoes and place them leaning sideways each track shape or group of plain pillows left, and color - on the right.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

along the walls

If your bed is decorated with a large number ofdecorative, colorful and diversified pillows, they can be put not only along the headboard, but also in the adjacent wall, for example (option for bed, leaning against the wall of one of the sides). Likewise should formalize and beds with three high sides, - and get a comfortable sofa.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

By decreasing

Bags of different sizes spread out better,leaning against the headboard of the largest of them. Then, medium rectangular or square, and in front of a small place and most decorative - a scenario like the fans of the order and harmony.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

Prints forward

Do not hide pillows with a bright applique, sequinsOr inscriptions behind the backs of larger and monotonous specimens. Act boldly even in such a simple occupation as laying out bedding, so that an easy and laid-back character penetrates into every detail of your bedroom.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

Along the perimeter

We offer to place a pillow with a largescale, that is, for example, put some of them in the head, a couple in the middle of the bed, and the other - leaning against the foot of or casually throw on the banquette. So sleeper couch will look even more in a position to sleep and rest, and a large number of pillows will find its place.


How to lay out the pillows on the bed

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