Furniture in the interior of the bedroom: different combinations

What furniture to choose for a bedroom, we are veryWe recommend to pay close attention to the selection of the appropriate furnishings. In this case, you need to be guided by the size of the room, its style and future designation of furniture.

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Bedroom furniture

This article we dedicate to those for whom a bedroom is not just a recreation room, but also the focus of positive energy, inspiration, and love for interior design.

Furniture for small bedrooms

To begin with, we propose to consider some very successful ways of organizing space using furniture in the bedrooms with medium and small size of the area.


Bedroom furniture

If your bedroom has small dimensions, do notIt is necessary to aggravate the situation by purchasing excessively large furniture and items that will be superfluous in such a room. This means that ideally the bed, for example, should not occupy more than 1/3 of the floor area, and a desk that you do not use will become an obstacle to free movement.

The bed, two bedside tables, chest of drawers and a chair

The small bedroom is waiting for you veryrational approach to choosing the right furniture. So, you can put the bed neat tables or bedside tables, chest of drawers and set near the opposite wall. The chair is better to put in the window, so you will be comfortable to spend time reading or needlework.

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Bedroom furniture

The bed, two chairs and a chest of drawers

If the bed is located in the middle of one of thethe walls, the television, if it is available in the bedroom, set in front of the bed. Therefore, the best and totally logical to place under the monitor roomy dresser, which, in turn, will do without the weighty cabinet. Tandem, consisting of a bed and dresser, be supplemented by a pair of comfortable seats, forming the so-called read zone, interviews or entertaining.


Bedroom furniture

Wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers and two stool

The next variant of the situation in the bedroom is suitableFor use in a room of medium size, where additional square meters of the area give some freedom. Namely: along with the bed, as the main piece of furniture, instead of bedside cabinets you can use small chests of drawers.

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Bedroom furniture

Bed, stool, mirror and nightstand

There are bedrooms of small dimensions, even inspacious houses, for example, guest, and at them - a complete wardrobe. Hence, the need for dressers and cabinets eliminated for obvious reasons.


Bedroom furniture

Bed, two racks and banquette

A very practical solution for a small bedroom can be to use the area near the window. This method is particularly interesting in the premises of the oblong (rectangular) form.

All that needs to be done is the construction of two, parallel, racks, united by a banquet or a bench with drawers.

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Bedroom furniture

Furniture for spacious bedrooms

The large bedrooms have all the possibilities for creating an incredible beauty of the rooms, with a special charm and unique pieces of furniture.

Two chest, console, bed, stool and table

Using some overall bedroomsfurniture is rather the only decoration of the reception, and no more. But, nevertheless, room size requires their presence, so you can buy exquisite console in addition to the beautiful landscape on the wall.


Bedroom furniture

Separately must be noted that the bed, as opposed tofrom use in small bedrooms, a large room to be of appropriate size, and shape it can also be any. But in addition you can buy a luxury bed with a velvety banquette stylish upholstery and a couple of drawers, overlapping.

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Bedroom furniture

Bed, three dresser, two chairs and a table

The second option is a great environment furnitureBedrooms may look like this: two small chest of drawers, on the sides of the bed, forming a triangle with standing at the opposite wall, a chest of drawers a little more. Arrange a seating area with the two recliners in a separate part of the room, such as a window.

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Bedroom furniture

Bed, stool, mini dressing table and sofa

Pay attention to such a well thought out plan for placing furniture in the bedroom. Here, the bed with a banquet in the footwell occupies the logical center of the room, around which the rest of the objects are located.

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Bedroom furniture

Wardrobe, three dresser, bed and sofa

Place in a large space allrequired for filling the bedrooms can be without prejudice to the visual perception of the room. In a spacious bedroom, among others, have an absolute advantage in the fact that even if the area to fill it massive furniture from the ceiling to the floor, the load will not be felt so much visually, than in a room with smaller dimensions.

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Bedroom furniture

Bed, bookcase, two chairs and a coffee table

Large bedroom - it is also a roomdesign of experiments. For example, TV-area opposite the bed can only be made by means of a chest or low cabinets and shelving for books, built-in niche. Comfortable chairs and a table by the window complete with them will promote relaxation without breaking the bed boundaries.

Council: Make the guest area of ​​a spacious bedroom the accent of the whole room: place in it design chairs, for example, on graceful legs and with bright vegetable upholstery.

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Bedroom furniture

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