Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Your bedroom can be a light and romantic,or bright and easy, classic or modern, but whether it will be comfortable - it depends on how well-placed furniture in the room. This arrangement of the main pieces of furniture can make a room cozy and comfortable, this will help you a simple but effective rules.


How to arrange furniture in the bedroom

In each separate case for a bedroomComfort is important, which is achieved through the application of elementary laws of ergonomics. For example, in a room, with enough furniture left, there should be enough space to move easily from the bed to the closet, and from it to the window.


How to arrange furniture in the bedroom

In addition, nothing should prevent the opening (closing) of the front door and the doors of the cabinet (the extension of its drawers). We will talk about these and other nuances further.

Standards for the free area

Very well, if the area of ​​the bedroom is quite large - it will ensure freedom of movement and moving around the bed, along the windows and walls, as well as in the center of the room.

Ideally, the width of the passages on each side of the bed and in front of it should not be less than 70-80 cm. This is particularly important if a small bedroom.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom for an elderly person,it should be noted that the use of better furniture with rounded corners, and install items, guided by simple logic for the benefit of people living in the bedroom of people.

For example, around the bed should providespace for chairs or stools with back, it was convenient to put a blanket on them, take dressing, or just lean. Also, you must consider the scheme of the main passages - they should not be "break", or a person under the age have to make unnecessary and awkward turns. The width of the aisles is better to increase up to 1 -1.2 m.

Purchase furniture in accordance with the scale of the room. So, for the bedroom area of ​​9-10 square meters will be enough for double bed size 1,4h200 m (1,6h200 m). Bed Larger here is clearly inappropriate and "steals" valuable space, the room will look smaller than it actually is.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Requirements for basic furniture

Only in spacious bedrooms with large windowsYou can afford to install an additional dresser or closet for bedding. The standard size of the room should be placed objects to store very carefully to the master bedroom did not turn into a strange, cluttered room. The impression could arise if, for example, you install a stand-alone high cabinet in the most prominent location opposite the foot of the bed or close to the window.

Overweight furniture is better not to use smallrooms and cabinets built to order, with dimensions chosen it for your bedroom. In order, care should be taken to cabinet fronts are made to match the color of the walls, they become a logical continuation of the functional design so that even a massive look organic, and well got used to the interior of a small room.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

For while a man relaxing in the bedroom is notthe feeling of discomfort at the sight of a large cabinet, it should be placed on the bed in the corner, in a niche, or on the balcony (if available) to view both met with a heavy object little as possible.


How to arrange furniture in the bedroom

Dressing table - this is the same desktop,Just sitting behind him, we look after our own appearance. Naturally, the lighting here should be the best in the room, so it's better to install a table with a mirror closer to the window, in front of it, or on the side, as it will be convenient for you. For greater comfort, the mirror of the dressing table should be chosen in such a way that the face in it is reflected from the top of the head to the shoulders, and another 10 cm around

Place for a bed

Do not have room for a bed close to thedoors - there is not an intuitive sense of security. Under the window is also better not to put the bed, drafts and noise are not the best companions a good rest and good health. Ideal placement of the bed in the bedroom - parallel to the window, or the foot of the appeal in his direction.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

In the narrow bedroom is not necessary to put the bed perpendicular to the "long" walls, and install it along, clutching the headboard to one of the end walls.

If the bedroom is designed for one person, a single bed is recommended to be installed along, pressing against the wall of one of the sides


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

The game mirrors

For mirrors in the bedroom brought many requirements and conditions, however, most often they are installed, nevertheless, incorrect.

The basic rule for the location of mirrors in the bedroom reads: During the rest of human sight must not overlap with his own reflection.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

The most comfortable and ergonomically positioned mirrors in the bedroom as follows:

Above the high headboard (decorative mirrors).
At the foot of the bed level (functional mirror).
Near or in front of the cabinet (mirror function).


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

For your peace of mind we recommendto establish one big mirror in the wardrobe area, but further away from the bed, rather than use a few decorative mirrors facing each other and randomly reflecting your every move.


Ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Good luck!

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