18 interesting ideas that will help refresh and decorate the bedroom inexpensively

Fresh decor ideas that will transform the bedroom without the high cost.

In a new survey has collected even more interestingand even some bold ideas on how a bedroom in your home can be equipped. Specifically, some of the options offered here like everyone. Enjoy watching.

1. The original canopy

Light snow white canopy.

Light canopy, which can be made of fourwooden parts that are attached to the ceiling and translucent white curtains. This decoration will help you quickly and inexpensively freshen bedroom interior, regardless of its size and age of the inhabitants.

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2. Wooden podium

Podium of pallets.

The original design in the form of a smallpodium, blending smoothly into the head of the bed on which you can place some cute knickknacks and flower pots. This design will be a real highlight of the bedroom, decorated in a rustic or bohemian style, and you can make it yourself from old pallets.

3. Functional headboard

Wooden boxes in the headboard.

The headboard of the bed, decorated with a largerack of a variety of wooden boxes for books and various accessories that will not only stylish but also functional part of any modern bedroom.

4. The Magic Garland

Garland of lights and colors.

Usual garland, bulbs which are decorated with homemade artificial flowers, will be spectacular decoration of high headboard or shelves, hanging over it.

5. Art lovers

Offsuit picture.

Offsuit paintings and posters in concise framework will be a wonderful decoration of the walls of any bedroom and bring notes into the room personality.

6. Effective textiles

Bright textiles.

Long curtains saturated turquoise,bedspreads, cushions in pink and blue tones, as well as the original chandelier and small accessories will quickly freshen up the interior of the bedroom, without resorting to large-scale repairs.

7. Creative headboard

Vintage headboard.

The old arched window frames, painted in golden color will be a great alternative to the standard headboard of modern bed and this will be the highlight of the bedroom.

8. skirt

Mattress with a skirt.

Bright "skirt" made of tulle will be charmingthe decoration of the mattress or bed. Such a simple, at first glance, the item would be a spectacular element of the decor and brings notes of coquetry in the interior of the girl's bedroom.

9. pompons

Bedspread with pom-poms.

Transform and lightly freshen the interior of a modern bedroom will cover, the edge of which is decorated with soft pompons. Incidentally, the edge will update the look and curtains.

10. Original shelf

Unusual shelves.

Original shelves in the geometric stylehangers in the form of horns will not only be an important functional component of bedrooms, but also the spectacular decoration of the walls, able to freshen the interior and hide some defects finish.

11. Blind macrame

Blind woven into a macrame technique.

Replace the old dilapidated door or lostthe former type of curtain can be original curtain, woven with their own hands in the art of macrame. These blinds will complement the exquisite interior bedroom in country-style, boho or Provence.

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12. The original collage

A collage of images.

Decorate an empty wall, hide existingdefects finish and bring to the interior of the individual notes you can use the original collage, made the most significant photos, favorite pictures and motivational cards.

13. The unique decoration

The original decoration of branches and flowers.

From dry branches and artificial flowers, you can make this season trendy wall decoration in the form of antlers, which will be a real highlight of any space.

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14. Stylish mobility

Mobil in the bohemian style.

Elegant mobility in the bohemian style, made of thin twigs, artificial flowers and feathers will be a unique decoration of the modern bedroom.

15. Upholstered Headboard

Headboard, upholstered.

Soft pillow - it is not only one of the maininterior design trends this year, but also a stylish piece that can transform the bed and bring to the interior of the bedroom touch of luxury and elegance. In addition, to get a padded headboard, do not necessarily spend a lot of money to buy a new bed, just enough obbit foam piece of wood or plywood and beautifully obtyanut its desired tissue.

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16. Unique Bed

The original design of the bed.

Original homemade bed will not only be a cozy place to sleep and rest, but also original decoration child or teen bedroom.

17. Black and White Gallery

Stylish art gallery.

In place of fashionable pastel shades this yearcame a deep dark color and this trend has not only walls, but also the decor. Therefore, everyone who does not want to keep up with fashion trends and wishes to update the interior of your bedroom, the designers recommend to decorate the walls of the original black-and-white paintings and photographs that bring the room notes of personality and mystery.

18. Design shelf

Shelf of the old guitar.

A small shelf made from old guitar unnecessary decorated with garland, will become the exclusive subject of decor and excellent storage for books and small things.

Continuing the theme 15 design ideas for interiorWhich will soon become trendy.

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