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What can be made of plastic bottles: video workshops

An empty plastic bottle after directdestination completely converted into a garbage or a work of art. It all depends on to whom the hands of this bottle came. It's time to discover new horizons and make maximum use of cheap waste material for landscape decoration and improvement of accommodation facilities in the country. Benefit obvious: save your home budget of shovels and brooms; dacha decorate evergreen and require no maintenance plants; add colors landscape design and more. And most importantly! Not throwing bottles on the sidewalk and landfills, we allow nature to be a little cleaner and more beautiful.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

By the way, why we are surrounded by countlessthe number of PET bottles? It is interesting! The first PET bottle was born in the 70s with a light hand «DuPont» producer. The company set a goal to create a container capable to compete with glass containers for carbonated drinks, water and juices. Admittedly, the manufacturer was able to implement his plan. PET bottles have become a consumer demand on a par with glass counterparts. Only now there was one small problem - the plastic can not be used to burn, and can only be disposed of in special plants. So we do not have separate collection points for plastic bottles that craftsmen even on hand.

Read and learn from the experience in the use of plastic bottles in the country: the decoration of the site, the manufacture of household utensils and even practical buildings.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Plastic bottles in garden decor

Cottage - a magical place: here becomes a small tree branch and seeds - vegetable. The heart overflows with joy at the sight of a healthy and strong seedlings. Now imagine that the colorful decorations on beds, flower beds and garden paths doubly improve mood and once again confirm the hosts, that "in the country - that's all right." Do not rush to run to the store, get out hozpostroek or ask neighbors plastic bottles and proceed.

Assess the situation in the area as a whole. There is a problem with the laying of paving slabs? Make track of the bottoms or covers of plastic bottles. Options for laying the two materials are different. The most common way - the indentation in the wet sand. However, we no longer appeals to the option of using concrete. In any case, this issue is best to consult with relevant experts.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Bright and smart look in the cottages beds,framed plastic bottles. Make a decoration under the force of each summer resident. It is only necessary to fill the bottles (1.5 liters) of sand or earth, and to dig them into the ground upside down. White bottle desirable to paint with acrylic paints, and brown or dark green plastic and all further processing is not needed.

Sami additional beds can be decorated artificial vegetation. Plastic palm trees, daisies or vines never fade, wither or discolor. They are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather: hail or scorching sun.

There is no doubt attract the attention of neighbors in the quaint cottage figures and sculpture, Personally made of plasticbottles. If the complex compositions, such as crows and peacocks with up to 60 pieces of bottles not to everyone's shoulder, then crafting a funny frogs, colorful toadstools or funny pigs from five-liter baklazhek all cope.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Unusually look at the bushes and trees Insectsof plastic bottles. Weightless butterflies, dragonflies and bees will never fly away from the suburban area. Hack does not require specific skills. Enough to draw an insect on the surface of the bottle, to decorate the template with acrylic paints and cut along the contour drawing.

By the way, we're all about the garden but the garden. Holiday construction can perfectly decorate the plastic covers - put them as mosaic on the outside wall. However, this decor will approve only those craftsmen who are used to and is not afraid of hard, monotonous work.

It's not all the ideas for the decor suburban area. We tried to select the most relevant and enjoying the attention of gardeners options, but are happy to consider other proposals.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Household Accessories from plastic bottles

The decor - it's good, and economicFacilities better, or rather practical. Enterprising gardeners long ago have adopted master classes on manufacturing of various tools and garden equipment.

For example, it is impossible to ignore such articles made of plastic bottles as a brooms. Why buy a broom 200-500 rubles, if possiblegarden tools to make this personally? The essence of the operation is to separate from the bottom of the bottle and cutting the remaining plastic on centimeter (wide) strip. It is noteworthy that of the width of the strips depends on the stiffness of the broom directly. The thinner the plastic strip, the softer the panicle. Incidentally, manufacturing variations of this holiday inventory number. The choice of a direct impact on the width and thickness of the finished product. Each master will certainly find a suitable option.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Make your own hands scoop a broom - a matter of honor. With this task can not cope just lazy. We are looking for a bottle of a capacity of 2 liters (preferably with an elongated neck). For the convenience of working with plastic first separate the bottom, and then cut away the extra inches surface, giving the workpiece shape scoop. Done. Note also the container out of the cleaners or canister. They make such blades that although offered for sale (cheap and tasteful).

Dacha without washbasin not exactly a joy. We hasten to correct a misunderstanding, using ordinary plastic bottle with a capacity of 2 liters. Cut away the bottom, with the help of ready-made nails fasten the device upside down on the wall or hang a wooden construction with a wire on a tree. Pour the water, slightly unscrew the lid and quickly my pen.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

In addition, some owners have adapted to make out of plastic bottles:

  • "Umbrellas" of rain for padlocks on garages, homes, farm buildings;
  • mini teplichke for seedlings;
  • storage for cereals, which are bugs "too tough";
  • containers for collecting berries and small fruits. If you cut the bottle neck and thread the string in the resulting glass, the finished product can be worn around the neck and folded back raspberries with strawberry, cherry and currants;
  • traps for insects, snails, mole rats, mole cricketsand other horticultural pests. To lure the insects in a plastic glass of beer or pour a sweet syrup and hang the trap on a tree. Periodically change the fluid and "prisoners" were removed.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

It turns out that snails also not averse to trydrink or beer. In this case, a plastic cup will have on the very edge to dig into the ground, and then periodically clean it from those caught shellfish.

The principle of the use of plastic bottles athunting for moles and mole rats-medvedok slightly different. It is based on sound delivery, these pest repellent or creating certain obstacles. A bottle with slotted holes in the walls through the neck put on a wooden or metal rod set at their summer cottage. With gusts of wind noise from the bottle will cause a mole to leave. But bury the bottle will be an obstacle to the annoying mole crickets.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

Buildings from plastic bottles

It turns out that in the construction of suburban areasplastic bottles is not the know-how, and "it happens". Bottles - a great option for the building construction of gazebos, greenhouses, sheds, garage and other outbuildings.

The most interesting option, in our opinion - greenhouse of plastic bottles. The essence of construction is to install a wooden frame. Part of the vertical mounting rails to dig in the ground, and some have horizontally. The walls of the greenhouse are collecting bottled without a bottom, strung on a wire. To make the building more of the fortress side panels screwed to the wooden frame with screws.

On the same principle, the construction is carried out arbours and sheds. If the use of plasticbottles of different colors may be necessary to the finished coloring arbor. And it is better initially to choose the color scheme so as to obtain the original construction pattern.

What can be made of plastic bottles?

What can be made of plastic bottles: 8 video workshops

Subject crafts for garden from plastic bottlesso versatile that you can share ideas continuously for a week. However, sometimes it is better to see once, than hundred times to read. We made a selection of the most useful (and realistic) articles made from plastic bottles, work on which will be mastered by every cottager. So, what can be made from plastic bottles? Without further ado - the case.

Brooms in different variations:

Scoops for every taste:

And how do you such a mousetrap?

Finally, other useful trifles:

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