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Original hanging shelves with their own hands

Simple wooden shelves on the rope or ropehelp not only to rationally organize the space, but also decorate the room handcrafted product, to give a special charm and exclusivity. Such shelves perfectly fit into Ecostyle and in country style, fit and minimalist interiors, and a loft-style rooms.

Create a hanging shelf with your own hands is not sodifficult as it may seem at first glance. A plus in this decision a few: First, the product will receive exclusive, the second exactly the same, no one will. Second, do not need to do a lot of holes in the wall to hang several shelves.

If you like to bring from tripsa variety of souvenirs, build decorative compositions for the holidays, such as the fabulous village of the New Year - try to make them comfortable and original shelf with his own hands.

original regiment with their own hands

Required tools and materials:

  • Drill with a drill;
  • rope or thick rope;
  • scissors;
  • paint, brushes (optional);
  • wooden blanks shelves;
  • Optional: construction clamps.


Wooden blank align the size andform - they must match. If you want to - file off with a hacksaw, it is necessary that the shelves hung straight. Then carefully treat the workpiece by means of skin - at first rough and then fine.


Responsible stage in the production of shelves onrope - drilling holes. Fold the future shelves together and firmly fasten together. The best thing to do is building terminals. If they do not have to mark locations for drilling holes on each shelf individually, while trying to make sure they were in the same places, strictly under each other - otherwise skewed shelf with hanging.

Drill choose such diameter so that your rope or rope easily pass through the hole. Thus, if the rope diameter of about 10 mm, the drill should be about 16 mm in diameter.


To suspended shelves, made with his own hands,looked interesting, they can be painted - in whole or in part, for example, only part of the end. Colors are selected according to coloristic your interior. They can merge with the general background, or to be contrasting, playing the role of a decorative accent. Where you can experiment and show your artistic taste and imagination.


You will need four ropes of the same length. What - it depends on the height of ceilings and the level on which to hang a shelf. In view of the nodes to a measured length is necessary to add a small margin. Excess can always be cut.


Production of the original regiments with their own handsalmost completed. It remains to collect all the pieces together. To do this, tie a rope to each of the segments on the site, which will build the lower part. Pass in the holes, again tie the rope on each node - These nodes will keep the regiment still.

Measure the distance to the second shelves, againtie on a node, insert into the holes of the second leg, and again take on each rope on the site. The main thing - to the distance from the node to the other were the same in all parts of the rope.

Your regiment on a rope ready! Now we need to connect all four segments with a reliable knot and hang it. Depending on the length of the structure can be fastened either directly node or attach a rope to it additional desired length.

Regiment on rope

Now you can place on a shelf ready souvenirs, cards, clocks, figurines or your favorite collection of knick-knacks.

Original hanging shelves with their own hands

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