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Lampshade made of paper for a desktop lamp with his hands

lampshade made of paper

Accumulated a lot of old magazines, fine! Do not rush to throw them out. There are many ideas of how you can use paper debris. We invite you to a workshop on the creation of the author of table lamp with a shade made of paper.

To create a table lamp with his own hands, we need:

  • an impressive bundle of old magazines (more than ten pieces)
  • jar of PVA glue,
  • brush,
  • scissors,
  • blank lamp (light bulb in the socket with wire, you can use the old lamp)
  • single-colored paper (pack of any color that you choose for your lamp).

Parse logs on double sheets, cut intostrip width and fifteen centimeters, a length of about twenty. For the lampshade made of paper required about a hundred tubes can be more depending on the number of pieces of variation form product.

These "rolls" glue along the edges, sotube to become thick and stiff. Next, wrap and sizing of the paper you have chosen for the final color of the lamp. Alternatively, you can use several colors of paper, under the color of the interior.

table lamp with his hands

To table lamp with his handstook the form of a ball, lay the foundation in the form of a pentagram. The connection points to apply the adhesive. To design had a neat appearance, apply glue with a brush, it will save you from drips.

lampshade made of paper

We continue to spread the glue and shade ofpaper. The spherical shape is produced by the gradual expansion of the radius of the calculations ducts, and in the middle, lay in the restriction. The top of the ball neatly closes several tubes, superimposed on each other, too, glue, leave to dry.

lampshade made of paper

Get a lampshade made of paper dress on the selected luminaire.

lampshade made of paper

We connect the wire to a power outlet - enjoy copyright Table lamp with your hands.

table lamp with his hands

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