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Set the bowl on the tiled floor: step by step instructions and video workshop

Finish tiled toilet is almost alwaysIt occurs in the absence of sanitary units - toilet and accessories. This is due to the fact that then lay tiles "round" is much more difficult. Difficulties arise when laying ceramic wall - toilet would just get in the way. Therefore, the "facilities" installation plan after the completion of all finishing work. To install the plumbing there are several ways.

Set the bowl on tile floor

Advance preparation for installation

The work comes down to place himself under the markup toilet,elimination of sewage sludge and cold water pipes. The ends of the drain and filling systems must protrude from the surface of not less than 15 cm, otherwise the quality of accession will not work and will have to work more and capacity pipes. To avoid this, a sufficient distance care at the stage of rough alignment of walls and floors.

Set the bowl on tile floor

Tools and materials

In addition to the toilet, would require:

  1. Corrugated pipe for drainage.
  2. Water hose and cold water to the pipeline ball valve.
  3. Tape-fum, or tow.
  4. The sealant or epoxy. For decorative seal - the remains of grout from the tile.
  5. Drill with drill bits on ceramics and concrete.
  6. Adjustable wrench.
  7. Screwdrivers.
  8. Kern.
  9. Pencil, chalk.
  10. Spatula, cleaners.

Fasteners are usually included in the boxtoilet. If this is not provided to buy more anchor bolts, according to the diameter of the holes. It is important to buy them in the anticorrosive performance - leaks or condensation in the toilet inevitable that rust will certainly respond.

Set the bowl on tile floor

A method of fixing the toilet to the tile number 1

The least expensive on the efforts. Suitable for mounting the toilet with "ears" - the lower parts with drilled holes for fastening technology. The algorithm is the following:

  • The toilet is installed in a desired location. It is important to estimate the distance of the drain hole to the sewer in order to lend a corrugation without effort. The contours of the pedestal is outlined with chalk and pencil marks the center of the holes, placing it exactly perpendicular to the floor. Otherwise there is a risk to move the plumbing while tightening the bolts.
  • In selected locations, a core coating knock tiles. Thus, the drill does not slip off the mark during operation. To do the work carefully place it is recommended to moisten stuffing.
  • Drill holes for the screws and try ontoilet in place. If you are satisfied, the plumbing was removed and the contour of the chalk line applied sealant or resin. Thus, it is possible to avoid moisture under the toilet bowl in the future. All mounting holes are filled with sealant for sealing and fixing concrete waterproofing.
  • Install a toilet on the circuit and starttighten the bolts. There are equally not to move the plumbing. Squeeze out under the weight of the sealant, immediately clean off the spatula. After installation, the sealant strip decorate grout.

It is necessary to mount accessories - ribbed, tank - and connect the entire structure with a cold water pipe.

Set the bowl on tile floor

The method of fastening the toilet bowl 2 to the tile №

Installation of the toilet with no protruding elements, different aesthetic results. It is slightly more difficult and impossible to work correctly without a precise algorithm. So:

  • The hallmark structure willdrains sewer system as close as possible from the plumbing. For this first set of works carried out with the pipes. It is desirable to do so before finishing bathroom tile.
  • Further, similarly to the first method, outline the contour of the base and set the mark Wizard.
  • Part of the toilet - covered fixing -mounted on the floor. It is screwed to the floor by bolts for which holes are drilled in advance. Mounting the hard, can not avoid bias, so wrapped in turn fasteners, constantly monitoring circuits.
  • Then, the toilet is inserted into the lower part and fixed through the side openings factory. Zealous not worth it - to be fit when installing the drain.

Once the design is fully assembledand satisfies the operation, fixing bolts closed decorative caps and the toilet takes the form of all-ceramic. Installation is simple, but requires care.

Set the bowl on tile floor

A method of fixing the toilet number 3

In the event that the toilet is installed in warmfloor with water or electrical system, drilling holes for fasteners to hold it is impossible - there is a risk to break the integrity of the waterproofing or wires. In this case, fastening occurs by means of adhesive mixtures - resin liquid nails, silicone additives. How to do it correctly:

  • Trace the outline of the base plumbing.
  • Coarse sandpaper or narrow special diamondCircle removed the top layer of tiles to create a rough surface. This will ensure better adhesion to the pedestal. Similar work is carried out with the toilet.
  • Layer fixing the composition is put fat ondistance of 3.2 mm from the defined contours. This is to ensure that the bulk was left inside. Extrude removed immediately, otherwise you can get rid of them only with ceramic tiles. The joints between the floor and the edge of the base will be overwritten by a decorative composition.

That's all the processes. They are not available to amateurs, especially if the tile expensive, better to work at the mercy of professionals, giving a guarantee for its own installation. If, nevertheless, decided to do on their own, the training on a piece of tile - is needed.

Set the bowl on tile floor

The procedure for accession to the toilet accessories

First, to the outlet of the riser andsewage mounted corrugation. Do not skimp on quality when you buy - it provides the drain for leaks and avoiding unpleasant smell in the room. Then, on the toilet tank is installed by means of screws attached in the kit. Next, the construction of plumbing installation to the water supply. Only in this manner will ensure proper operation.

Set the bowl on tile floor

Set the bowl on the tiled floor: video

To help handyman proposed video detailing the process of installing a toilet with his hands. Hopefully, the instruction will be useful.

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