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Pelmets with their own hands with Burda: step by step instructions and video

House - this is the place that I want to docozy, beautiful and complete. And the finality will not be, if you leave the window without blinds and curtains - without swags. They give the interior a special grace and beauty, and hide part of the wall between the window and the ceiling, replacing the not too beautiful striped wallpaper elegant fabric folds.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

Types swags

Once upon a time when only pelmets Morethere were, they were made of wood, and their appointment was simple: hide the cornice. For this purpose, no one especially have sharpened, and pelmets are of the same type. Now, when they are made of fabric and are mainly used to decorate the room, add interior elegance and respectability and the conversion of conventional boring curtains in luxury curtains, pelmets were divided into four types.

  1. Classic pelmet. Just a narrow strip of fabric gathered into foldswide ribbon. There are three subspecies of classical pelmet: wavy, straight and arched. It depends on the design of the lower edge. Such a pelmet is good for those who at repair something went wrong, and the slope of the window ledge and came with defects. Classic pelmet hides them well, and simply will look neat and beautiful.
  2. hard pelmet. As the name implies, it holds its shape well. This happens due to the fact that he is from a special very dense tissue. As a result, the curtains, which hang a pelmet, volumetric and majestic look.
  3. Pelmet with decorative inclusions. Coquille, ties, perekidy, and other dzhabotyornate elements - all this applies to this type of swags. Pelmets with decorative elements - a true space for your imagination and a great opportunity for self-expression, as well as make the room more interesting, and perhaps even extravagant look. Of course, not easy to sew them, it is better to start with something more easy to perform.
  4. Combined pelmet. This is the most difficult type of swags. It can combine elements of all three types: for example, when the through holes in the hard pelmets stretch fabric strips collected in folds on the curtains (in fact, a classic pelmet).

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

There is also another division on the basis of the components of pelmet:

  • simple rectangular pelmet,
  • pelmet component of geometric rectangular panels,
  • pelmet component of semicircles,
  • simple pelmet fancy shape.

Determine the type of swags, you definenot only curtain design, but with the appearance of the entire room. This seemingly small detail will determine the overall style, so you should carefully consider everything and then take up the pelmets.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

Patterns and the necessary materials

What kind of fabric is better to take for pelmet? In fact, for these purposes fit many kinds of fabrics: taffeta, velvet, satin, ivy, cotton, linen, silk, polyester, and more. Everything depends on the style in which you arrange the room, and he was like the room itself. For example, velvet It looks very rich and is ideally suited to the Baroque style. In addition, it holds its shape perfectly due to its density. It is perfect for the living room decoration. A polyester It is often used to decorate the kitchen windows where primarily plays the role of practicality and easy possibility of cleaning. practicality is also cotton, beautiful silk and linenWhich easily withstand washing, well protected from sunlight, are hygroscopic and hypoallergenic.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

Lightweight fabric and the whole interior will give someease, lightness and elegance. For example, it looks good silk - curtains will look like flying, like a castle in the air. Heavy and dense tissue, on the other hand, will give the curtains a kind of monumentality and respectability, but at the same time elegance.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

In addition to the fabric, you will need thread. pins. tape and decorative cords. In addition, if you are doing hard pelmet, in addition to the fabric you will need a special interliningWhich glued tissue to maintain a predetermined shape.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

In choosing the pattern to be guided by your skills and sewing skills. Do not immediately take on something difficult, if you are a needle a few years in the hands not holding.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

Pelmets with their hands: step by step instructions

Now we look at how to make some kinds of swags.

Plain rectangular pelmet can make even quite new.

  1. Take a rectangle of fabric of the same length, as well as curtains. If you are going to do it folds, take a cloth and a half times longer.
  2. Hem the bottom of the fabric, treat side.
  3. Top stitch the loop for attachment.
  4. Hang on pelmet curtain.

Done! It looks simple and tasteful.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

composite pelmet of semicircles it looks quite difficult and pretentious, and is very simple:

  1. Take the cloth in the shape of a trapezoid. The height of the trapezoid - and a half times more than the planned height of the pelmet; the sum of the lengths of the sides and the top side of the trapezoid length must be equal to the width of the curtains.
  2. Treat the edges.
  3. Sew Curtain tape (tape along which slide the cords) on the sides of a trapezoid and tighten. The fabric, draping, forming a graceful curve.
  4. Hang pelmet.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

You can also just take a long strip of cloth and, departing the same distance from the ends, to pull their belts, to the middle part of sag, forming beautiful folds, and themselves the ends hanging freely.

As you can see, it is very easy and fast to copethis all, and the room literally be transformed and will take over the completed and neat appearance. In addition, pelmets can be decorated with flowers, cut out of cardboard or thick fabric figures of fish, animals and plants, brushes and other decorative elements, which only tells you your imagination.

Pelmets with their own hands with the pattern for beginners

Pelmets with his own hands: video instructions

Our video instructions will help you make pelmetwith their hands very easily, showing clearly how to act, to get a nice, neat and tasteful decoration for your home.

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