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Small garden with his own hands - it is simply

garden in miniature

For half an hour you can manage to not so much, butthis time you would be enough to build his small masterpiece - a miniature garden. Live plants, surrounded by a harmonious surroundings, earth energy presence, and the fire will charge you extra strength in moments of fatigue and to give comfort in moments of anxiety. Small garden with his own hands, not only will please you to decorate the interior, but also bound to cause admiring guest reviews.

To create a garden in miniature, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • deep dish made of transparent glass of large diameter,
  • small tree, bonsai type,
  • smooth pebbles of different colors and sizes,
  • fine river sand, red and white,
  • moss, artificial,
  • candle-lantern, candles.

small garden with his own hands

Creating a mini garden with his own hands begins withinstallation tree in a pot slightly offset from the center. Next, randomly decompose, pre-washed and dried pebbles pebbles around the bottom of the bowl. Continuing their place until the filling meals at least to mid-height.

garden in miniature

Around the pot with the plant evenly scatter the white sand. Red sand fill the remaining area. As a result, we should get a red-white sand box garden in miniature.

garden in miniature

Lantern, candle holder set right next to the little tree.

garden in miniature

Next, lay out art "track" of dark pebbles. Several stones of larger dimensions, distribute to your liking, in groups of 2-3, a maximum of three couples.

Small garden with his own hands

Artificial moss divide into pieces of different sizes and place it around and around large rocks. Small garden with his own hands is almost ready, it remains to choose the place for the candles and set them.

garden in miniature

The first candle is placed inside the lamp, threecandles, place on favorite locations. As a supplement, you can add a few incense sticks, they will be fine to stay among the rocks, and not just to decorate your garden in miniature, but also to fill the room with pleasant aromas of incense.

garden in miniature

Congratulations! Your personal garden in miniature created and is ready to bring you joy and warmth.

garden in miniature

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