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Laying laminate own hands: photo and video workshop

Choosing a floor covering laminate,the owner of the apartment or house to make the right decision - the material has long earned high marks for performance and beauty. With him will be respectable premises, acquire individual style - imitation wood flooring requires not only the natural pattern of wood, stone and some imagination. Laying is simple, if we take into account the detailed instructions with recommendations. What are going to do!

Laying laminate their own hands

The nuances of the laminate selection

Quality flooring will lastas long as possible - a fact. But before the acquisition can not be guided only by visual preference, you need to know by what criteria make the selection of the slats - a unit laminate boards. So:

  • durability class. Laminate flooring is divided into domestic and commercial,be used in a home environment. Existing classes - from 21 to 34 indicate the period of possible use. Now classes from 21 to 23 out of production due to the complicated test for suitability (be aware that if the number of tests will not pass at least one parameter, the lamella is considered non-conforming).

Laminate 33 class durability, and 34 inThe apartment is not used due to the lack of increased activity. These types are mounted in areas of continuous crowds. Therefore, the best option for an apartment or house will be the laminate 32 class.

  • board thickness. Standard 8 mm. If the sale is offered a lower value from the purchase of refuse.
  • Protection against moisture. All edges of the slats are treated with wax. It must be specified in the annotations to the product.
  • Interlocking system. Mount laminate in two ways - adhesivemethods and mechanisms pazogrebnevyh Click and Lock. The first has additional protection against moisture, but is non-repairable. The latter is a good opportunity to replace one lamella to another and to choose better Click.

Laying laminate their own hands

The manufacturer is not always an indicator of quality. There are decent copies in the domestic industry, and even China. Price varies - high prices at the "Europeans", mean - we have, low - from eastern suppliers.

Laying laminate their own hands

Number of slats and methods of laying laminate

When all the selection criteria are selected with the sameparty, it makes sense to think about - it takes slats to avoid wasting resources. It is important to bear in mind that in the amateurs, the first time the process is difficult. Therefore, the optimal amount is considered to be 10% of the floor space - to trim, marriage and other needs.

On the number of laminate effect and a method of laying - parallel or diagonal. The latter allows you to visually enlarge the room boundaries. For such installation, the number of sipes is increased by 20%.

Laying laminate their own hands

Required tools

The list is as follows:

  1. Roulette and square. Last need to accurately find the right angle.
  2. Electric jigsaw. With it will cut vymerenny material quality without chipping and uneven edges.
  3. Wooden hammer tamping Slat.
  4. Marker labels.
  5. Wedges. Especially do not need to buy them - will approach the die thickness of 15 mm.
  6. Masking tape and the substrate made of foamed polyurethane foam thickness of 2-3 mm.

Before handling, it is recommended to spread slats to adapt to room temperature for a day. Thus, with the material comes off the voltage.

Laying laminate their own hands

Substrate preparation for laying laminate

Preliminary work with the floor surface is in alignment and stacking cushioning support, which will operate as a sound insulator and additional protection against moisture. More:

  • Assess the basis for laying laminate - dust, small potholes should not be. Even permissible surface is required to degrease and dry.
  • Depending on the condition of the concrete floor placednew screed with reinforcement or thin leveling. The thickness of the substrate to a concrete floor without coating will be 3 mm. If you intend to wooden joists, boards or plywood - 2 mm.
  • The support lining without overlap - butt. Sizing for fixation tape. Recommended plant leaf on the wall to compensate for the future of linear expansion of the material or buy a special damping tape. After laying laminate edges neatly srezhut office knife.
  • Inspect aged laminate boards. If you find any defects, lay slats - they will be useful to trim or replacement. It is important to remember that an imitation of the natural pattern should match the original - two identical sections of wood does not exist!

Preparation of the base is finished. It takes a little time, but going carefully, because it affects the result and subsequent coating operation.

Laying laminate their own hands

Laying laminate own hands: step by step instructions

Laminate flooring is a method for parallel stacking occurs perpendicular to the window - sunlight profitable emphasize coating. In both methods, styling is carried out with the upper-left corner of the room. Let's start:

  • On the first row slats are cut side interlocks, abutting the wall. Elementary unit also released from the end portion.
  • Stacking is as follows: lying lamella is inserted at an angle next and down until it clicks. It means that the grip was. The work is carried out until the end.

Laying laminate their own hands

  • The second row of stacked similar to a brickmasonry. Initial lamella must be trimmed so that the joints of the first row were in the body of a second element. The side locks are fixed with the help of mallets - laminate inciting accurate movements to one another.

Laying laminate their own hands

  • The apartment is complete without pipe connections andIt needs to carefully go around them laminated. This is done as follows: the distance from the wall to the center of the pipe is deposited on the slats, circumscribed circle, the board is sawn in half. Now the "surround" laminate tube labor will not make. To increase the tightness of connections, pre-purchased plastic or rubber lining.

Laying laminate their own hands

Thus, all the work is done. Nuances are the transitions from laminate to tile or other covering. To do this, there are plates with grooves for mounting. At the junction of the two coatings are drilled holes where gently inserted plates with screws or dowels. They hammer hammered to the desired position.

Laying laminate their own hands

Laying laminate own hands: video

Visual training will help in the future handyman laying flooring. Good luck!

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